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Function Description:
Global Risk Banking and Compliance work to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of control and compliance at American Express in order to successfully identify, monitor and manage risks.
Model Risk Management Group (MRMG) is an organization within Global Risk Banking and Compliance (GRBC) and engages in model risk management through various activities including independent validation of all models across American Express.
Team is responsible for validation of a variety of mathematical and statistical models developed and used in Finance, Treasury, and Risk Basel, Economic Capital, IFRS9, CECL and CCAR stress test models. Team validates models, identify gaps, articulate findings, write reports, and present summary to senior leaders and regulators.

Purpose of the Role:
Mitigate risk & elevate the quality of model through independent oversight to validate models and improve model risk management. 
Responsibilites:Independently validating Basel, Economic Capital and CCAR models which include evaluating conceptual soundness, performance validation and on-going monitoring.
• Assess alignment between model objective and actual use
• Review model inputs for appropriateness and integrity
• Review logical and conceptual soundness of model methodology
• Evaluate techniques used for model development
• Assess the rationale for model assumptions and their relevance
• Review the code and/or calculation steps via replication and benchmarks
• Conduct various tests relevant to models including benchmarking, back testing, and sensitivity testing
• Evaluate model governance and change management
• Write reports summarizing validation activities and outcomes
• Support regulatory exams and audit processes
• Demonstrate to regulators that model validation is conducted with high quality and independence.

Critical Factors to Success:
Business Outcomes:
• Effectively challenge the conceptual soundness, theory and approach, purpose/usages of predictive models/ financial frameworks
• Effectively challenge the statistical techniques and model performance outcomes for appropriateness and integrity Articulate reasoning behind each finding with accuracy and comprehensiveness.
• Knowledge of regulatory guidance and best practices.

Leadership Outcomes:
• Put enterprise thinking first, connect the role’s agenda to enterprise priorities and balance the needs of customers, partners, colleagues & shareholders.
• Lead with an external perspective, challenge status quo and bring continuous innovation to our existing offerings
• Demonstrate learning agility, make decisions quickly and with the highest level of integrity
• Lead with a digital mindset and deliver the world’s best customer experiences every day

Past Experience:
0-6 years of experience in 
Strong analytical and technical skills 
Preferred: Ability to write professional grade technical reports and presentations 

Academic Background:
Post Graduate Degree in Statistics/Mathematics/Economics/Engineering/ Management/Decision Science 

Functional Skills/Capabilities:
Data Science/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence o Expertise in Coding, Algorithm, High Performance Computing 
o unsupervised and supervised techniques - : active learning, transfer learning, neural models, Decision trees, reinforcement learning, graphical models, Gaussian processes, Bayesian models, map reduce techniques, Random Forrest, Gradient Boosting 
o Deep Learning 
o Text mining algorithms 

• Analytics & Insights & Targeting o R, Python, C, C++, Java, SAS SQL 
o Advanced Statistical Techniques 
o Back testing, and sensitivity testing 
o knowledge of applied econometrics 
• Knowledge of Regulatory guidelines (BASEL,CECL,CCAR,IFRS) 

Technical Skills/Capabilities:
Analytics & Insights & Targeting o R, Python, C, C++, Java, SAS SQL 
o Advanced Statistical Techniques 
o Back testing, and sensitivity testing 
o knowledge of applied econometrics 

Knowledge of Platforms:
• Big Data – Cornerstone 

Behavioral Skills/Capabilities:
Enterprise Leadership Behaviors
• Set The Agenda: Define What Winning Looks Like, Put Enterprise Thinking First, Lead with an External Perspective
• Bring Others With You: Build the Best Team, Seek & Provide Coaching Feedback, Make Collaboration Essential
• Do It The Right Way: Communicate Frequently, Candidly & Clearly, Make Decisions Quickly & Effectively, Live the Blue Box Values, Great Leadership Demands Courage 

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Schedule (Full-Time/Part-Time): Full-time
Date Posted: Jul 12, 2019, 12:56:41 AM

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