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  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary to negotiate


Dear Candidates,

Essential Duties and Responsibilities for Chemical Etch:

- Etches specified portions of metal parts and materials used in manufacturing aircraft, using immersion equipment, templates, hand tools, and precision measuring instruments: Reads work order, blueprints, and process specifications to determine location of etch, finished dimensions, and method and sequence of operations.
- Cleans surface of parts and materials to ensure uniform adhesion of maskant.
- Applies maskant to surfaces to be etched, scribes etch lines, using template, and removes maskant from etch areas.
- Preparation and review of Procedural documentations for Chemical Etch, etch anodizing, florescent penetrant inspection, Magnetic particle inspection, Wet grit blast, Anti-gallant & Shot peening process.
- Immerses parts and materials in etching solution for specified time, manually or using hoist.
- Removes objects from etch solution, rinses objects with water, and removes remaining maskant.
- Measures etched parts and materials for conformance to specifications, using micrometres, scales, and other precision measuring instruments
- May immerse parts and materials in successive baths and rinses to perform surface processing in addition to etching, such as pickling, chromodizing, passivating, degreasing, and stripping, and be designated Process Equipment Operator.
- Interact with clients for technical queries & obtaining approvals/clearances for special processes

- Tech Chemical Engineering
- 3-8 years’ prior experience in R&D / Engineering as CAM Engineering.
- Sound technical on the chemical process.
- Experience from Aerospace, Automotive and Medical.
- Good knowledge on MS office.
Job Type: Full-time


- work: 3 years (Preferred)

- Bachelor's (Preferred)

- Churchgate, Mumbai (Preferred)

- English (Preferred)

- Mid-Day (Preferred)
- Evening (Preferred)

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