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  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary to negotiate
  • Pune


Do you love writing essays or participating in debates? Do you love articulating stories? Put your €œwriter hat€ on, we want to hear from you.We€™re looking for a person who€™s passionate about writing.
We want someone who can use their wit and creativity to craft amazing content; content that resonates with the reader and subtly persuades them to take an action.
As part of our team, you€™d have to be willing to take interest in the reader€™s journey, their pain points, to produce genuine, helpful content; the kind of content that makes an impact and helps us build our brand.It€™s great if you have an interest in reading or have impeccable grammar.
But that€™s not all that it takes.
Saying that you€™d make a good content writer because you€™ve read a lot of books or have good grammar is like saying you can build a chair because you€™ve sat in many.
Grammar and writing are not the same.
And, with the kind of content that we want, we don€™t want just any chair€” we want a Barcalounger.
The kind of chair that pulls people in, and makes them want to stay.
Skills:- Content Writing, Blogging, Creative Writing, Technical Writing and Wordpress

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