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Integrating ASIC functional verification team. ASIC developed include network controller, router and cache coherence controller targeting Bull high-end servers and Bull high-performance ("big data" and "exascale" servers). Using “Constraint-Random, Coverage Driven” functional verification methodologies underlying UVM verification framework to ensure full and effective verification of complex ASIC.

Main responsibilities:

- Acquire knowledge microarchitecture an ASIC unit by studying the specification and interacting with the logical design team.
- Write and perform the test plan in close cooperation with the logical design team.
- Develop coverage models and verification environments using UVM-SystemVerilog / C++. Write, maintain and publish the verification specification.
- Monitor, analyze and debug simulation errors.
- Monitor and analyze simulation coverage results to improve tests accordingly thereby achieving coverage targets on time.
- Produce a maintainable and reusable code across projects Skills and capacities:

- Curious, demanding and rigorous.
- Mastering object oriented programming.
- Knowledge of UVM verification methodology (or equivalent) and SystemVerilog / SystemC hardware verification languages
- Knowledge of Constraint-Random / Coverage-Driven verification environments development in SystemVerilog / C ++ (drivers / monitors, constraint random tests, checkers and self-checking models and coverage models written in SystemVerilog-Covergrourp / SVA)
- Knowledge of simulation tools and coverage database visualization tools
- Effective in problems solving by rapidly identifying their root cause and developing patches or workarounds under tight timing constraints Required minimum Education:

Master/Engineer in Electronics


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