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  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary to negotiate
  • Mumbai


We are looking for experienced dynamic and young candidates for Mid Level profile for Production Planning. A production planner is responsible for scheduling manufacturing operations. Included in a job description for a production planner will be the coordination of resources and employees in order to ensure this timeline is adhered to.

Position Description:
In a factory, the production planner is responsible for determining which items are manufactured and in what quantities based upon consumer demand forecasts.

Responsibilities of a Production Planner

- Recommendations as to the amount of manpower needed to complete production goals, so that hiring can occur as needed.
- Develops a schedule for completing certain tasks so that goods will be available when needed
- Forecasts the future need of certain items in order to increase or decrease production levels accordingly
- Tracks the progress of goods as they are being manufactured to ensure they remain on schedule
- Updates interested parties as to how production is progressing
- Prepares reports detailing anticipated production goals
- Revises schedules as needed to accomplish certain benchmarks in the manufacturing process
- Performs time studies in order to determine how long certain tasks take
- Communicates with production supervisors and managers so that everyone will know what production goals need to be met
- Develops plans for streamlining processes so that operations may flow more smoothly
Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

- Has good time management skills
- Is able to accurately forecast future needs
- Understands the manufacturing process thoroughly, and has reasonable expectations as to what can be accomplished in a certain timeframe
- Is able to easily motivate others
- Has good problem solving skills, and can easily revise a plan when needed
- Takes responsibility for mistakes, and holds others accountable for theirs as well
- Is flexible and able to react to changes as needed
- Possess good math, English and writing skills.
Education and Experience
No formal education is required in order to become a production planner. Instead, between two and five years of supervisory experience in a manufacturing environment is preferred. The experience should be fairly recent, as manufacturing procedures are constantly changing, and knowledge that was gained some time ago may no longer be relevant to the job at hand.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: ₹20,000.00 to ₹35,000.00 /month


- Production planning: 4 years (Preferred)

- Bachelor's (Preferred)

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