Job description

Customer Success Manager


  • Salary 3,080,000 Lt - 10,929,600 Lt gross per hour
  • Vilniaus Apskritis


If you are high-spirited, ambitious and always think outside the box, we have the perfect job for you! Candarine are seeking a Customer Success Manager for the Vilnius office, working as part of a young, innovative team and forward-thinking company.

Our services combine proprietary recruitment technology tools with inbound marketing expertise. Our ideal team-mate will have a passionate digital mind and a desire to work within the exciting field of recruitment technology. If this sounds like you, we’d love to chat!

We structure our work by defining key objectives and results for each quarter. These focus on improving every individual’s key skills and the success of the team and company as a whole.

On joining Candarine as Customer Success Manager, your objectives in the first quarter will be:
Increase competences related to inbound Marketing and Sales, within HR and recruitment industry by completing all Hubspot academy trainings and gaining Inbound Marketing and Sales certificates, writing inbound and recruitment blog posts, actively participating and co-leading a track (workshop) in HRU events
Help to increase revenue and profitability. You will achieve this by building an ongoing relationship with several of the current clients and supporting their needs proactively. You will know how to own and manage a larger scale client project and will see to its successful delivery. You will also work with Sales Qualified Prospects coming from Marketing and creating an NPS strategy in order to improve client experience.

What we value
Continuous learning, transparency and treating the workplace as a community are just a few of Candarine's cultural values. We are looking for a person who understands this culture and will thrive within a team of open-minded people who are passionate about self-improvement.

What we offer
Competitive salary, flexible working hours and location, flat hierarchy. Most importantly, the possibility to work in friendly, supportive and international team!
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About the company

Candarine helps companies to transform their talent attraction processes from “push” to “pull.” We work with clients who are naturally aligned with their organization’s mission and goals, and interested in improving their employer brand impact.
Candarine focuses on improving your internal processes as opposed to behaving as an outsourced provider. Whether you need us for recruitment marketing, direct sourcing, nurturing talent or recruiting through alumni communities, we are able to help your brand improve its strategies. We also train and advise internal teams on developing recruitment marketing methods and managing the talent engagement process.
We believe that talented people can help great companies become even better places to work. To date we have helped more than 600 clients in 50 countries take their business to the next level.
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