Job description

Dentistas para trabajar en Rotterdam


  • Semi Senior (2 to 5 years)
  • College
  • Salary €4,000.00 - €6,000.00 gross per month
  • Rotterdam


Dentists in the Netherlands are paid on the basis of commission. They earn a percentage of the revenues that they generate for the praxis in which they work. This percentage is between 30% to 45% of the gross revenue minus the costs of the materials used. On average a dentist with some experience should be able to generate a minimum of € 1.000,- in revenues for the praxis per day. Experienced dentists could generate much more. The amount, of course, depends on several variables such as, the speed of the dentist and the kind of treatments that are carried out (crowns and implants generate much more revenue than fillings or extractions). Important note: the commission percentage that is offered by the praxis is not the only measure to know whether the offer is financially interesting. The total set-up of the practice, the potential of patients to be treated and the kind of treatments that are carried out should be taken into account. Care Force is glad to consult the dentist on these kind of issues. On average a dentist with some experience should be able to earn around € 6.000,- to - € 7.000,- gross per month.

Working conditions
Dentists in the Netherlands typically work no more than 4 days per week. In some cases 5 days is possible. There are many jobs available for part-time dentists that work 3 days per week. Since dentists work on the basis of commission, holidays are flexible and to be discussed with the practice owner. When the dentist is on holiday, no income is generated.

Typically a contract for one year is offered to start with. If both parties are satisfied at the end of the contract, a new contract is offered for an indefinite period of time. A contract can be offered on the basis of employment or on the basis of self-employment. Practice owners are interested in long term commitments, since the Dutch dental patient is quite conservative and a relationship with the patient needs to be developed.
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