Job description


  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary EGP3,000.00 - EGP5,000.00 gross per month
  • Cairo


Contract Length:
2 years

Number of Vacancies:

Student Level:

- Early Childhood, Elementary

Eligible Candidates:

- District/Regional Level Administrator, Licensed Teacher


- Education Required: Master
- Minimum Teaching Experience: 5 years of teaching experience
- Major: Education

- Education/teaching degree OR first degree and teaching qualification
- Knowledge of the use of ICT in schools to aid teaching and learning
- Thorough understanding of US Common Core standards, curriculum design, vertical and horizontal alignment of curricula and, and backward planning strategies
- School management/leadership certification
- School leadership experience with solid commitment to teaching and learning and strong subject knowledge in relevant areas.
- Advanced degree in education and/or educational administration
- Successful administrative experience in school leadership in a middle school and/or high school setting
- Current knowledge of educational best practices
- 7 or more years highly successful experience as a teacher, in a middle school and/or high school setting
- Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing to a wide range of audiences
- Ability to adapt and assimilate to our school’s collaborative and dynamic culture and appreciate the host country culture
- Good knowledge of the College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) program especially if being contracted for the High School
- Proven skills in strategic planning, international accreditation process, and establishing relationships and networks within the international education community
- Proven skills and abilities as a visionary who demonstrates leadership, resourcefulness, flexibility and creativity in identifying innovative solutions
- A strong understanding and experience of general curriculum and current theories and practice of pedagogy and assessment
- A skillful and experienced coach
- Training and experience in the Common Core curriculum
- Ability to conduct productive meetings with collaborative learning focused dialogues
- Ability to establish effective working relationships with staff, students, parents, and community members
- A strong understanding and knowledge of leadership practices in international schools
- Strong attention to detail in documentation

Job Description:

The Principal is the educational leader of his/her division who promotes the success of all students by:

- Actively promoting the mission and core values of the school and implementing the strategic plan appropriately within their division
- Working collaboratively as a member of the Senior Leadership Team to assure overall organizational excellence in service to the mission and strategic plan
- Creating a healthy climate of collegiality, collaboration, and communication between faculty, staff, students and parents, and integration with the overall
- Facilitating the development, articulation, implementation and stewardship of a program of learning that reflects best practice educationally and is supported by the school community
- Advocating, nurturing and sustaining a learning community supported by appropriate professional development opportunities
- Ensuring management of the division, its operations, budget and resources for a safe, efficient and effective learning environment
- Acting with integrity, fairness, and care, in an ethical manner, with respect for diversity
- Demonstrates a thorough understanding regarding the principles of good customer service
- Models and encourages cultural and international awareness and understanding
- Assist and oversee the designing of appropriate admissions tests in line with the curriculum and learning expectations
- Displays competence in using media and technology

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

To Students:

- Build a school culture among students that is inclusive, respectful and responsive; where learning is a priority, and students value and take ownership for their own learning and strive for excellence; and where students are invested in our school community
- Develop effective rapport and relationships with students, engaging them in maintaining an orderly environment conducive to learning
- Engage students in developing a sense of leadership, community and pride through school assemblies, performances, games and other activities, as well as involvement in decision-making and overall school improvement
- Ensure the physical and emotional well-being and safety of all High School students, working closely with the faculty and with counseling and special services staff to that end
- Ensure a program of appropriate support and challenge personalized for individual student needs, including for students with learning disabilities, language learners, and those with social, emotional or behavioral needs
- Ensure a master schedule that enables each student to receive the benefit of available programs and to maximize teaching and learning
- Ensure that discipline policies and practices are carried out in a fair, constructive and educational manner and are communicated to students, faculty and parents
- Participate in the Student Referral Team and the Admissions Committee regarding concerns about individual students
- Lead effective orientation programs for all new and returning students and their parents in conjunction with the general school orientation

To Faculty and Staff:

- Build a healthy school culture of collegiality, collaboration, and communication between the faculty, staff, students and parents with a focus on learning
- Build positive relationships with members of the High School faculty and staff and involve them in decision-making and overall divisional improvement
- Lead professional development activities for faculty and staff focused on contemporary teaching and learning practices, technology innovation and integration, and 21st Century skills and implement the structures that will sustain a professional learning community, providing opportunities for collaboration and enhance the strengths and talents of the faculty and staff
- Conduct observations and evaluations of the faculty and staff following the school’s guidelines and policies
- Communicate often with the faculty and staff through regular meetings, digital media and other tools
- Facilitate the leadership development of Department Heads supporting their responsibility for cohesive curriculum and assessments, collecting and analysis of student learning data, reporting to parents and management of department budgets
- Facilitate best practices in counseling, student support and intervention programs to ensure that each student benefits from the division’s program
- Lead effective orientation programs for all new and returning faculty members in conjunction with the general school orientation
- Supervise and support the Athletic Director in implementing best practices in the athletic program
- Supervise and support the relevant Office Staff in providing overall organizational excellence for the division

Additional Responsibilities:

- Approve and coordinate special activities and projects pertinent to the division
- Communicate regularly with parents regarding divisional activities and information about student learning
- Coordinate the ordering of educational supplies and materials for the division
- Oversee the administration and use of standardized testing
- Oversee the maintenance and safety of student files for each student within the division
- Supervise the maintenance of the school facilities utilized by the High School
- Participate as a member of the School’s Administrative Team and Emergency Planning Team
- Inform the Director of major developments in the division and its programs
- Contribute to the updating of the Parent/Student Handbook with relevant policies
- Perform other responsibilities as assigned by the Director
- Pays attention to detail in documentation

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