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Job Summary
The School:
English Time was founded in 1997 in Istanbul. From a modest one center language school, it has now grown into a large scale operation with more than 50 branches throughout Turkey.

Language Programs:
English Time offers both General English courses and English for spesific purposes. Many of our branches are also running courses for junior groups and exam study courses for local and international examinations. Private Tuition is also a part of the language teaching services offered by English Time.

Position offered:
Qualified and/or suitable candidates are offered the position of Instructor of English.

Applicants may send their personal CV and a letter of application.
Applicants should possess the following documents;

a)A university college degree preferably in English or related subjects.
b)A teaching certificate, such as RSA/UCLES CTEFLA, CELTA or similar.

(For candidates who may not have a certificate, we can arrange a local certification course in Istanbul at affordable pricing with a reasonable pay-back schedule.)
Salary and Benefits
Remuneration & Fringe Benefits:

a.Full time native level English speakers are generally entitled to receive 30 TL (apprx. GBP 4,00) per lesson, thus the minimum monthly salary based on an average of 180 instruction hours is expected to be 5.400,00 TL while the salary can be maximized up to 7.200,00 TL due to the instructors monthly work schedule.
b.All full time instructors are entitled to receive a rough equivalent of USD 1.000,00 by the end of their contractual commitment, which is going to be signed for 11 months, one month allocated for unpaid vacation.
c.All applicants are provided with a one-week hotel accommodation upon their arrival. Then they can benefit from the accommodation facilities of English Time flats on a shared basis, where the residents are only required to cover the utility costs and bills. Those who do not wish to reside on a shared flat may receive a 500,00 TL rent allowance per month. (Approximate monthly rental fees for flats in Istanbul may vary between 1000 - 2000 TL)
d.Minimum 1 day off per week,
e.official status (i.e ministry approval and residence permit),
f.days off during national and religious holidays, which we have plenty in one academic year.
g.Local travel expenses in case any extensive duty may be given outside the course building.

The City:
Today's Istanbul, once the Byzantine capital of Constantinople, is the economic, social and cultural nucleus of Turkey and the nation's pride. Istanbul means livelihood, opportunity, constant movement and much more, just like any other metropolis. The city has changed considerably over the years. This change in every sphere of life is beyond anyone's imagination. Modern life overlaps the traditional Turkish way of life; in brief, East meets West here.

The climate in Turkey offers a wealth of opportunities, including skiing in winter and sun-drenched beaches in summer. Despite radical climate changes throughout the world, we still have four seasons here, therefore instructors are recommended to bring with them clothing suitable for every weather condition.

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