Job description


  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary to negotiate
  • Copenhagen


Role Overview

We expect you to perform high-quality work to support our Fintech and Internet strategies. You
will conduct original research on innovative financial technologies and next-generation internet technologies while providing coverage of companies in the fintech ecosystem. An
understanding of the Asian market and related companies is a plus. Your work will directly
inform our investment decisions, so your success is our success.

What will you do?

? Support the firms portfolios by combining top-down thematic research and bottom-up
fundamental analysis to identify public company investments.
? Research and identify innovative technologies, determine the total dollar value of new
markets, and model the underlying unit economics to determine the cost competitiveness of
new technologies.
? Identify and perform research on public companies that are the leaders, enablers, and
beneficiaries of disruptive innovation.
? Form investment recommendations based on your research to share with the Portfolio
Manager and guide trading decisions.
? Attend conferences, speak with the press, and meet with experts in a variety of fields to
discuss the future of innovative technologies.
? Author articles, whitepapers, and other content forms published under your name to bring
your research to the world.
? Engage with relevant communities through Twitter and other online platforms.

What are you like?

? A crisp and engaging writer ? you will need to submit a sample research piece.
? An original thinker ? you see how things will unfold ahead of the crowd.
? A lifetime learner ? you consider learning to be the reward. You enjoy mastering a new field.
? Comfortable with complexity ? you absorb complex ideas quickly and easily separate the
things that matter from the things that don?t.
? You view the world through both a technical and financial lens. You enjoy finding not just
great technologies, but great investment opportunities.

? Your confidence is balanced by a sense of humility. You?re more interested in figuring out
what?s right than being right.
? You enjoy working as part of a high-performance team. You want to contribute and build the
team?s culture.
? You are proficient in Microsoft Excel.

  • excel
  • microsoft excel
  • twitter

About the company

Accounting, Finance, Tax, Banking, HR.
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