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  • Utrecht


Studies of gene regulation are crucial for achieving a deep understanding of living systems. The control of gene activation and silencing is key in determining the fate and functioning of cells – and the development, health, and disease of organisms. Understanding how the multiple levels of regulation come together in the temporal and spatial control of gene expression remains a daunting task, in particular in the context of living organisms. This defines the challenge of the scientific area of research for this chair.

The interdisciplinary research programme of the department of Biology at Utrecht University is focused on the biological mechanisms and fundamental principles that govern life. Studies in different model systems range from the organization of the cytoskeleton, to the development of embryos, brain and immune system. The different studies are connected by experimental techniques, such as advanced live cell imaging and computational approaches. We aim to contribute to health, future food production, and environmental protection.

As a Full Professor Gene Expression, Chromatin Regulation, and Epigenetics you will be strengthening the expertise in gene regulation and animal biology, and develop a strong line of research in connection with the other research groups in the research institute, Biology Department, Utrecht Life Sciences community and beyond.

As a team leader, you will be a fundamental connection between the institute's research groups, the department and the faculty. Your energy and passion for this rapidly evolving, high-profile research field will strengthen the institute’s impact and reputation - both within the Netherlands and internationally.As a passionate educator, you will play a key role in contributing to the Biological Sciences Bachelor's and Master's curriculum, as well as training and coaching PhD students and early-career scientists – people who in time will occupy important roles in biology related fields.

  • coaching