Job description


  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary to negotiate
  • Antwerpen


Machine learning has received a lot of attention lately, because deep learning techniques allowed the train machines to beat human competitors in games (e.g., jeopardy, chess, go) and to perform visual inspection tasks on a par and even better than humans. However, in the domain of networking, machine learning did not find a lot of application yet. Nevertheless, as discussed in the IETF IDN group, network management and control could benefit from accurate predictions to base decisions on. As a network equipment provider, we are looking for opportunities in which machine learning can improve the performance of various of our products. 
Key Responsibilities
The student will
-- survey the literature of where in networking machine learning can be beneficial
-- select a networking task, e.g., traffic prediction or any other, where machine learning could considerably improve the performance of traffic management and control
-- implement an algorithm to assess the performance improvement of machine learning on the considered task.
-- Evaluate simulation results
-- Submit a final report and give a presentation to the research team
-- Enrolled student in Master in Computer Science or similar
-- Programming experience with C/C++ and python
-- General knowledge about optimization
-- Any knowledge or experience with GPU-based computer systems is an advantage
-- Language skills: English or Dutch

About the company

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