Job description


  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary CN¥2,500.00 gross per month
  • Shanghai


Contract Length:
0 year 9 months

Number of Vacancies:

Student Level:

- Elementary, Middle School, High School

Eligible Candidates:

- Licensed Teacher, University Graduate, ESL Instructor


- Education Required: Bachelor

- Good time management
- Work well in a team and individually
- Enjoy working collaboratively
- Enjoy working with students
- Keen eye for detail
- Confident

Job Benefits:

- Expenses:

- Taking on this position would involve making theexciting transition to China. Elite Journey will provide theguidanceanddocumentsrequired to secure yourworkingvisa,bank accountsandphone contracts, as well asreimbursements for all formal documentation required to work in China.When travelling throughout China and beyond for work (e.g. roadshow, camps, etc.), yourtransport and accommodation will be provided. Other work-related expenses (resources, etc.) will be covered by the company.Payments will be made on the 15th of each month.

- Living in China:

- Elite Journey wouldprovide assistancerequired to find a fully equipped apartment in Central Shanghai, in a convenient location.

- Office:

- You will be provided with your own desk at the Elite Journey Office in central Shanghai.Team-building activities,company dinnersandeventscan all be expected. The Elite Journey team includes Graphic Designers, Professional Videographers, Marketing wizards and many more which are all available tosupport your needs.

- Travel:

- Elite Journey has businesses in multiple cities acrossChina,Bali,Japan,UK,EU,Australia,Malaysia,Africaand theUSA. There are manyopportunities for traveling both domestically, within China, and internationally. All flights and travel outside of normal commutes will befully coveredby Elite Journey.

- Bonuses:

- You will receivecommissionon anyprivate classesyou teach. There isno limitto the number of private classes you would like to teach, as long as they do not interfere with your work schedule. You will receive a$1,000 bonus for every CSSC camp you teach at(one in winter and up to three in summer).

- Holidays:

- Chinese public holidaysarepaidfollowing the Chinese public holiday's schedule arrangements.

- Sick Leave:

- Employees are required to call in sick due to illness and will be required toprovide a doctor’s medical certificate. All employees haveone day of paid sick leave per month. Payment for sick leave of more than one day is calculated by: monthly basic salary/22 days * 20%.

Job Description:

Teaching with Elite Journey offers a wide array of different opportunities to thrive and experience China.This role is exciting and varied, and will change on a day-to-day basis depending on the ever-changingrequirements of the company.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

- Teachingdebate in public andinternational school during term time

- Curriculum will be provided by Elite Journey Curriculum Coordinators
- Feedback curriculum improvements and success to Elite Journey Curriculum Coordinators
- Student age is school dependent

- Teaching the Elite Journey STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) and Humanities curriculum in public and international schools during term time

- Curriculum will be provided by Elite Journey Curriculum Coordinators
- Feedback curriculum improvements and success to Elite Journey Curriculum Coordinators
- Student age is school dependent

- Judging the Elite Journey English Debate Competition across China

- Typically the debate competitions run across the weekend

- Running the Elite Journey writing competition

- To include academic writing seminars and essay marking

- Lead roadshows across China and beyond to promote Elite Journey's programs

- Interactive "demo" lessons
- Panel/information session and Q&A
- Associated promotional activities

- WeChat seminars

- Teach at our winter and summer residential camps across China and beyond

- Interactive, small class sizes of 10 students
- Afternoon and evening activities

- Teach private lessons
- Report to the Cheif Operations Office on a weekly basis to discuss progress

Contract Extension:

If you enjoy your time in China, there is a possibility to extend your contract beyond September 2020.

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