Job description


  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary $2,400.00 gross per month
  • Guayaquil


Contract Length:
2 years

Number of Vacancies:

Student Level:

- Elementary

Eligible Candidates:

- University Graduate


- Education Required: Bachelor
- Minimum Teaching Experience: 2 years of teaching experience
- Required Certificates:

Teaching Credential/License

- University degree in elementary education or BA in the subject area
- MA in Education (desired)
- 3 years of experience in a similar role
- Strong computer skills (smartboard technology desired)
- Native or near-native English language abilities (required)

Job Competencies

- Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills
- Planning and organization skills
- Strong attention to detail
- Ability to work collaboratively
- Confidentiality
- Professionalism

Job Benefits:

- Shipping/settling in Allowance: US$1,098.28
- Travel Allowance: US$1098.28 paid annually at the beginning of the school year
- Bonus

- 1st year $549.14
- 3rd Year Re-Signing Bonus US$1,098.28
- 4th Year Re-Signing Bonus US$1,562.30
- 4th Year Contract Completion Bonus US$1,098.28
- 5th Year Re-Signing Bonus US$2,083.07

- Tuition discount for children: Up to 75%

Job Description:

Responsible to: Primary Area Principal

Position: Full Time

Job Description: Primary teacher is responsible for creating a welcoming classroom environment; also creating and executing lesson plans in the classroom. In charge of preparing and grading examinations, working with student's performance, and supervising their behavior.


- Teachers will participate in the development, implementation and revision of new curriculum
- Teachers will prepare weekly or unit lesson plans in advance in collaboration with departmental/team level peers and will hand them in to their coordinator or instructional facilitator according to the established schedule
- Teachers will create interdisciplinary connections in planning, when necessary and appropriate, with other subjects through communication and collaboration with area peers
- Teachers will maintain and keep class websites (currently Moodle) up to date and with the minimum requirements for content established in their area of the school
- Teachers will maintain an accurate record o students’ progress. Gradebooks will be kept current and with all relevant student information including homework, tardies, exam and project grades, etc
- Teachers will maintain students’ records up to date in the school’s grade book software and hand-in the final grades on the date assigned
- Teachers will file any mid-term reports, assessment information or other documentation required by the learning support staff (special needs, counseling, reading support, PAS coordinator, etc.)
- Teachers will participate with administration and faculty in establishing and maintaining standards of student conduct in and out of their classroom
- Teachers will consistently follow all school and departmental policies and procedures
- Teachers will consistently set high academic standards
- Teachers will adhere to the All-School Essential Agreements for teaching and learning

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