Job description


  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary to negotiate
  • Shanghai


Do you want to be at the center of Cloud Computing? Azure is growing faster than ever and DevDiv China teams charter is to enable developers to unleash the power of Microsoft’s cloud platforms. Join us if you are a strong .Net developer interested in working on open source software and gaining hands-on experience with all of the Azure services.


We’re a collaborative team working closely with service teams in Azure to build and deliver tools and platforms to help then scale and develop Awesome Azure Artifacts like; Software Development Kits (SDKs) in various languages, Command lines experience (CLIs) on Azure PowerShell and documentation. Working on these tools involves building code generators, building tooling around industry standard specification like the OpenAPI Spec, backend validation services and front end experiences too.


We own Azure SDKs for multiple languages including Go & Ruby and their code generators! And we are heavily engaged with Azure community on Github! Being part of this team will give you the opportunity to work with Microsoft and Non Microsoft technologies. We are also heavy contributors to the Visual Studio Go extension and if you’re interested you can definitely Jump in!


We are a fast growing team and are looking for members to join our engineering family with strong relevant experience in building tooling to help reduce the complexity of cross organizational processes and ship the best Azure developer experiences in the industry. If you’re passionate about and experienced with Automation, Continuous integration and flexible with working on Client, Backend and web development then we have some interesting things for you here.


Last but really important to note: There’s a lot of job postings out there that focus on building GREAT products for our customers and taking care of them and we can assure you that we have the same passion, but what our team and leadership is heavily focused on as well is our teams members, AKA = “YOU”! As a team member we are committed to ensure that you have a great inclusive working environment, a flexible and healthy work life balance and building what is hopefully long term working relationship at Microsoft!

- Building experiences and tools to automate complex processes around developing Azure products.

- Ensure that all these tools and experiences are monitored, healthy and highly reliable.

- Satisfy the ongoing demand for new features on our products with the desired goals of publishing them out for external Azure customers!

- Develop a deep technical understanding of our current tools and processes and play a leadership role in shaping up the future of these process and identifying the potential tooling required.

- Leverage and dogfood Azure services and external opensource tools into the design and development of our products!

- Engage with our opensource community!

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