Job description


  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary to negotiate
  • Johannesburg


Supply Development Procurement Manager  (Job Number: 190005LS) 
Location : South Africa-Gauteng-Johannesburg-Atholl Towers Job Field : Supply Chain Posting Date : May-15-2019 End Date : May-24-2019 Job Type : Regular Shift : Day Job Job Schedule : Full-time 

Main Job Purpose:

Business Context: 
The Grow Sustainably Africa Procurement team is responsible for sourcing
development of value-added products from identified countries in Africa to meet
our growing raw material requirements at globally competitive costs. The job
would require a broad range of work experience in procurement/supply chain and
also a good understanding of project management and finance. The person should
display a flair for understanding value chains, creative thinking and managing
in an evolving landscape of projects.



- Finding opportunities for Raw Materials and Production Materials
sourcing from Africa

- Working closely with all procurement networks and
category supply chain to develop strategy of where Unilever should create
supply chains from Africa.

- Working with strategic partners and evolving the
appropriate joint venture frameworks where needed with such partners.

- Working closely with the agricultural development and
sustainability teams, certification bodies, to develop these initiatives into
traceable, certified sustainable business models.

- Working closely with government agencies to generate public
private partnerships and leverage various government incentives being offered
in these areas.

- Generating partners for funding/ grants with experienced
international financial institutions active in this area.

- Project implementation and program governance.


Main Accountability 

for developing and driving Grow Africa projects in Africa (primarily South
Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, CDI, Kenya, Ghana) to create sustainable agriculture
supply chains which deliver against Unilever’s commitments to the G8 under the
Grow Africa initiative, and other agriculture supply chains that can be
developed to deliver raw materials into Unilever.  The role will be responsible for the local
interactions with the implementing partners on ground, public sector,
international funding agencies, and other private organisations in setting up
the long-term projects. 


supply chains already exist, the role will be required to evaluate their
suitability and competitive value as raw material inputs into any applicable
Unilever supply chain, requiring interaction and cooperation with Procurement
and Procurement Operations teams around the globe.



- Working environment of role:  Mainly Regional, with some global

- Number and complexity of projects managed by the

- This area is break-through new area for Unilever.

- The role-holder will be managing around 10-15 live
project funnels at any point of time

- The nature of these projects is that they are mostly
highly complex and high risk

- Number and complexity of brands/ platforms that are
managed by the role-holder:  The role-holder
will be working with all Categories/Procurement Networks where there is a valid
business case of Unilever changing or evolving the supply chain and finding
African agricultural sources for its raw materials.

- Role holder will be required to interact with:

- Local
and national government in order to secure appropriate concessions for Unilever
and forge agreement on new projects.

- Donor
funding organisation as a local steering committee member or team-member to
ensure donor funding is being used appropriately and achieving its goals

- Sustainability
certifiers to ensure the agricultural projects align to the Unilever Sustainable
Living Plan and can be certified

- Other
private partners to deliver against project goals and establish supply chains


Professional Skills:

role holder will have to tackle a diverse set of problems, with a hands-on
approach in many cases.  This will
involve evaluation in the field of areas suitable for agriculture and the
supply chains to get them delivered to Unilever factories as Raw Materials.
Problems in regard to managing and influencing government, funding, and NGO
bodies as well as other private enterprises will arise and need resolution to
ensure projects proceed in the direction that suits Unilever requirements.
Internally, the role holder will have to manage stakeholders and internal
politics to ensure that shifting directions don’t impede the longer-term
projects that are going to be the nature of this work.


- CHANGE: The nature of this
position is entirely about CHANGE, and setting up brand new supply chains
within Africa, delivering on both the promises made by Unilever to the G8 and
Unilever’s commitments under the Unilever Sustainable
Living Plan.  This will involve