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We are looking for a meticulous Teller to be responsible for customers' financial transactions. The Teller's responsibilities include helping customers with basic transactions, ensuring their paperwork is properly completed, ensuring they have the necessary funds available, and ensuring your cash drawer is balanced before and after your shift.

To be successful as a Teller, you should have excellent customer service and communication skills, as well as sales skills to recommend bank products to customers. You should also demonstrate basic math skills and strong attention to detail.

Teller Responsibilities:

Assisting customers with basic transactions, such as making deposits and withdrawals.

Accepting cash, checks, and other forms of payment from customers and keeping deposit slips, checks, and cash in order.

Verifying customers' identities and ensuring the paperwork is properly completed and they have sufficient funds in their accounts to cover their transactions.

Answering customers' questions about their accounts and the bank's services and products.

Ensuring cash and checks are genuine, that deposit amounts and the paperwork agree, and that transactions are accurately entered into the computer system.

Counting the cash in your drawer before and after your work shift to ensure it balances.

Providing special services, such as printing out account balances and histories, ordering cards and checks, closing accounts, issuing cashier's checks and foreign currency, cashing savings bonds, and processing payments for bills.

Recommending special products and referring interested customers to specialized bank employees.

Recording all customer transactions electronically.

Understanding and following federal banking laws and bank procedures.

Teller Requirements:

A High School diploma or equivalent.

Excellent customer service, communication, and sales skills.

Strong math skills and attention to detail.

Patience and the ability to remain calm and professional.

  • customer service

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