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    Engineering and Industrial Projects Construction

Servicios ofrecidos

  • Management and Business Process Reengineering

    Update of functional processes of the Organization

  • Industrial Maintenance

    Predictive Maintenance, Preventive and Corrective buildings, fixed installations, equipment and production machinery and services in general.

  • Strategic Planning

    Strategic planning is a systematic process for developing and implementing plans for achieving purposes or objectives. Strategic planning is the preparation, development and implementation of various operational plans by companies or organizations, with the intention of achieving objectives and goals. These plans can be short, medium or long term.

  • Update of functional processes of the Organization

    The management of business processes (in English: Business Process Management or BPM) is a methodology and discipline of corporate management, whose objective is to improve the performance (efficiency and effectiveness) and the optimization of business processes of an organization, through the management of the processes that must be designed, Shape, organize, document and optimize continuously. Therefore, it may be described as a process of optimization of processes.

  • The investment project management

    The investment project management. It is a set of detailed plans that are intended to increase the productivity of the company to increase earnings or the provision of services through the optimal use of funds within a reasonable time. It is a plan which is assigned certain amount of capital and inputs are provided to produce a good or useful service.


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