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  • Semisenior (2-5 años)
  • Sin estudios
  • Salario a negociar
  • Guadalajara


Canada needs a Pet Groomer or Care Workers for animals!

They want someone who could do all the animal care duties for a pet resort as:
 Prepare food and feed animals
 Give medications when needed
 Let dogs out for pee breaks
 Exercise animals several times a day
 Monitor activities of day care dogs
 Bathe pets as needed
 Clean and sanitize kennels and buildings
 Clean kitty litter boxes and rooms
 Pick up and clean yards where dogs play
 Launder animal bedding, towels, etc.,
 Greet clients on pet drop off and pick up, etc.
 Please….. no religious expressions on the job. They can have their beliefs but they cannot express
them or try to convert anyone.
Need someone who can work independently and is reliable and has experience with all breeds of dogs and all dog personalities. Here’s where experience is very important. We get a lot of bully breeds…. Rottweilers, pitt bulls, mastiffs… and german shepherds, Dobermans, huskies, etc. A good percentage of these dogs are not dog friendly and we tag them ‘solo dogs’ which means they must be exercised individually. The candidate must have experience and able to ‘read’ the dogs and be confident in their ability to spot aggression or an escalation and even prevent a dog fight and fence fighting.

- Salary of approx. $12 CAD per hour.
- working 40 hours per week.
- Employer is paying airfare from the candidate.
- Employer finds a cheap place where to live.

Is for working in British Columbia

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