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Job Summary & Responsibilities:

C The position will be aligned with a certain market segment, but may work across brands in some cases and will certainly be coordinating with the other Newsroom Editors on cross-brand news and promotions. Essential duties and responsibilities include, but not limited to:

Content Creation and Curation

Responsible for seeking the hottest news in the truck market segment, securing photos to support it, and writing news items to be posted online quickly.

Write 2 to 8 content items per day are expected, depending on complexity.

Perform research on industry insiders to obtain special stories as well as create the expert editorial spin on curated items.

Write stories on anticipated events, such as new-truck launches, upcoming events with known reveals, etc.

Complete assignments from editors who have a great story, but do not have time to research and report upon it.

Responsible for variety of news items such as curated videos from other sites, vehicle builds from top shops, identifying mainstream news items that may be entertaining to the audience (amazing acts, stupid criminals, dash-cam), controversial and timely topics to exploit, new-vehicle information, staff changes at popular companies, relevant race results, etc. Additionally, creating lists and entertainment features that are not ?news,? but that drive traffic.

Create corresponding scripts for short-form video.

Periodically content will display in the print product.

Content Production

Responsible for producing content to web:

1) formatting text and assets

2) entering text, assets, and metadata information into a content management system

3) and publishing to live websites.

Rights Management

All photos and art used must be confirmed as legal to use, or to use at extremely low risk.

Ensure no text has been plagiarized.

  • communication and journalism

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