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Mexican Educational Institute located in Ciudad Guzmán, Mexico is looking for aNative English Teacher. If you have no EFL certification yet, this is your chance to get it in Mexico where it is much cheaper than in the U.S. for example or somewhere else. Also this is your chance to learn Spanish with free Spanish classes.

About the employer:
It is a school with appr. 400 students, having also a nursery, a preschool, an elementary and Junior High school. They teach five different age groups, divided into two types of systems – semester and bimester. Class sizes are typically around a dozen students, but never more than 16 students per class. They understand that it is not very easy for foreigners to work in Mexico, hence they try their best to make them feel comfortable and to help them getting used to life and work in Mexico.
The staff is made up of a mix of both foreign (from various English speaking countries) and Mexican teachers. The institute currently rents two houses, one is a four bedroom house about two blocks from the school for teachers who wish to live there. New teachers may choose to live in the house with other teachers, or look for their own private house.

Cd. Guzmán with a relaxed and traditional atmosphere, it is a small, quiet town with about 140,000 inhabitants, located in Jalisco, near Guadalajara (about 1 ½ hours) the second largest city of Mexico and about 1 ½-2 hours bus drive to the closest beach. People are extremely friendly, and foreigners normally do not have any trouble making friends within the first couple of weeks. The city offers many eco-tourist activities, such as cycling, hiking, motor-cross, rappelling, swimming, among other things, as well as one or two night spots.

- Make and send lesson plans on time.
- Follow up on student development.
- Give conversation classes, workshops and tutoring sessions as needed by the Institute.
- Always speak English in school.
- Attend meetings and workshops as assigned.
- Communication and team work with EFL coordination, head coordination, and other EFL teachers.
- Be in class at least 10 minutes before the class starts.
- Maintain a good relationship with students.

Desired requirements:
- Teachers must follow the curriculum but are encouraged to enhance it with additional activities.
- To get involved in the community as much as possible.
- Advanced Spanish

Excluding requirements:
- Native English
- Full flexibility
- Teaching experience
- Finished bachelor degree or any English teaching certification

Labor conditions:
- Hourly salary payment depending on the type of classes being taught (bimester, saturdays, workshops, etc.):90-120 MXN
- An average teacher makes about 8-10,000 MXN a month (after taxes). Teachers normally work between 4 and 5 classes, so20-27 hours a week, depending on the type of classes.By teaching also private classesyou can make up to 15-20,000 MXNs monthly.
- Extra payments for workshops, tutoring sessions and meetings.
- Eligible for retention and evaluation bonuses when the bimester ends (two months).
- Paid national holidays and vacations after passing the probation period to all teachers (two weeks in Christmas and two weeks on Easter break).
- The school will assist with the application process for the visa by taking care of all the paperwork.
- Provision of food at the beginning of the stay at school from Monday to Thursday, from 2:30pm to 4:00pm.
- Free lodging (completely furnished with own room and bathroom for each teacher): as long as2 intensive and 1 saturday classes are taught.
- Teachers will be responsible for the expenses like gas, internet, light, cable, cleaning (once a week).
- After the first year of working there's a support with flight expenses up to $300 USD, yearly.
- Provision of health care to all full time teachers (either local Mexican insurance or travelers insurance).
- To have food andfree lodgingthere has to be 100% of flexibility in intensive morning, afternoon, night and saturday courses for adults and teens.
- Min. length of working period: 1 semester (January to July for example)
- Class Hours: Saturday class: Advanced classes: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm; Intensive class adults: Monday to Thursday; Adults classes (advanced): 5:00 pm – 9:30 pm; Optional: Private class in the morning or on Fridays;
- Recruitment process: Recruiter: revision of resume + answeringquestionnaire; Client: sample lesson plan + online interview or via phone

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