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As a District Supervisor you are responsible for the overall management of the business within your district. You drive sales, develop strategy and execute all operational functions to achieve your financial goals.


- Plan and coordinate business operations in district offices to achieve financial goals.

- Address team concerns and provide direction whenever needed.

- Resolve all customer issues and ensure to provide outstanding customer services.

- Conduct performance evaluation of team members and provide feedback for improvements.

- Develop new business strategies for business growth and revenue generation.


- Bachelor´s Degree.

- Hospitality/detail oriented.

- 2+ years of Management/Supervisor experience.

- High organizational skills.

- Know that "done fast" is better than "perfectly done". You know that analysis paralysis is the death of any startup, and so have a strong bias towards getting things done.

- Are highly creative and love out-of-the-box solutions. You find yourself wondering "why is this done this way?" every time you go to a restaurant, check in at a hotel, ride in an airplane. You love new ways of thinking and can't wait for technology to change everything.

- Crave feedback: You know that rapid feedback and open communication are the only way to grow.

  • sales