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Tankermen are directly responsible and accountable to the Captain, his relief, or wheelman, working directly under him and following his instructions

Tankermen must be familiar with Marine policies, procedures, safety rules and regulations and must abide by them at all times

Tankerman duties may vary from vessel to vessel and from watch to watch. The Captain sets the watch standing schedule for the crew.

Transferring and laying rigging, handling lines, shifting barges, dropping or picking up barges, and checking the tow.

Assist via radio communication to wheelhouse while navigating through locks and bridges.

Catch a line on deck fittings, work lines at locks, cast lines free when getting underway, and assist in the navigation of the boat from the deck

Perform the various tasks necessary to carry out the above, such as making a coupling, operating winches, ratchets, line handling, splicing and throwing lines

Chipping and painting

Repairing of flame screens, cleaning p/v valves, greasing winches, etc.

Report any hazardous or unsafe condition to the Captain and making "on the spot" corrections when capable.

Other equipment maintenance as needed

General housekeeping

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