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Hide in plain sight

Hide in plain sight

Not surprisingly perhaps, one of many reasons people outsource their CV creation is to overcome - in their own perception at least - a ‘bump’ in their career path.

It could be a significant gap in employment (i.e. if you’re using months in your timeline then more than a few, and if you’re just using years then more than one), recent enough that it can’t viably be ignored or reasonably dropped off the chronology; or a conspicuously brief (i.e. a few months) period of employment (discounting short term contracts of course); or it could be a period of self-employment or business ownership, the leaving of which might be construed negatively as – heaven forbid – a ‘failure’. Indeed, it could be all sorts of things and in some cases it could, understandably, loom much more insurmountable from the inside than it appears from the outsider’s perspective.

We’re not saying that any or all of these things are in fact an obstacle and many people have evidenced some or all of the above in their CVs and secured interviews without question. But if you have received negative feedback or even just tricky questioning about issues such as this in your career history, then whatever it is there are always ways to reduce the impact, if not eradicate it altogether, and it might well be wise to do so first before an employer can jump to a negative conclusion!

In the main therefore, the wisest approach would be to ‘hide in plain sight' by acknowledging the perceived ‘issue’ as positively and pithily as possible, For instance if you had a career gap you might be better served by providing your own brief explanation around it, rather than enabling the reader to come up with their own potentially destructive ‘filler’. Similarly, with what might appear as a sudden change of heart or worse an inferred dismissal lurking between the lines of a short period of employment, you could use to your advantage as a demonstration of a constructive character trait.

Vitae means life after all and ’life’ as we all know, can get in the way of even the best-laid plans and impact our career paths. Every intelligent, far-sighted employer appreciates that; so avoid denial and transform that perceived problem into an opportunity to convey another appealing attribute. Words are a powerful tool and in a great layout you can use them to your gain. With a bit of positive spin you can at least navigate that ‘bump’ if not eradicate it, while retaining your integrity and remaining honest and honourable – traits that appeal to every employer!