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Positive + Pithy!

Positive + Pithy!

‘Positive and pithy’, words from our previous post that could well be the mantra for CV writing since ‘positively and pithily’ is, in a nutshell, the best way to approach one’s entire CV. While there are no regulatory rights or wrongs with CV writing, just common sense and creativity, it goes without saying that you want to sell yourself as succinctly as possible.

While the lack of legislation does make CVs very subjective documents, this freedom equally empowers each job applicant to demonstrate individuality and enables everyone to employ their own unique approach to ‘stand out’. If employers want a uniform response then they tend to use application forms.

Obviously, this latitude can also be daunting and the amount of advice, guidance, templates and samples out there online can be paralysing. Sometimes it is just easier to outsource and take advantage of a service that you know has produced successful documents for others. And this is probably why almost 100% of our clients are now referrals…. which is nice!

If you'd like to see how pithily we can make your CV more positive, you know where we are!