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Styling your Professional Look: Home or ‘Salon’?

Styling your Professional Look: Home or ‘Salon’?

Obviously in the working world of most professionals at least, looks are irrelevant to ability (we’re not saying that models, actors etc. aren’t workers of course!), but when it comes to your CV, everyone needs to look their best.

CV writers are like Beauticians or Barbers for your Work History. The ‘salon’ might be an office but what we do for your professional appearance is nevertheless akin to a hairdresser, whether it’s just a trim and a tidy-up, or a complete re-style.

Just like a makeover, you can of course ‘DIY it’ at home and with the right tools and skills your CV can look great! People have been writing their own resumés perfectly successfully for decades after all, and we at least would never say everyone needs to have a professionally produced CV.

But as with anything, professional providers are there for those who can’t (for whatever reason) and whether you’re a confident DIY-er or a ‘leave it to the professionals’ type, we all know that looking your best ‘on paper’ – or at least in words – is crucial to getting noticed in the job market.

So Home or Salon (i.e. CV Service) styling?

If you have never needed a CV before and you don’t have the time, desire, language/technical skills to write one, or maybe you know your own CV isn’t working but you don’t know how to change it, then the ‘salon’ option, i.e. a professional writing service, would be worth, at the very least, investigating.

If none of these apply to you then keep up the good work! The ultimate aim is always for job-hunters to get interviews, be it with or without outside assistance.

For those who feel they could do with a touch of professional styling, then CV services are there to give your Career History a bit a pampering. After all, we all know if you look good, you feel good, and a bit of well-placed, well-presented confidence does no harm to anyone’s interview chances!

If you want to see how fantastic we can make you look, you know where we are: procv@4vve.com