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The pain of (re)invention [AKA Refreshing your CV]

The pain of (re)invention [AKA Refreshing your CV]

Approaching the task of writing/updating/refreshing – i.e. inventing or reinventing - your CV can send us all straight back to adolescence: you want to be different but you don’t want to be too different; you want to stand out but you don’t want to be wrong, and what is right or wrong anyway?  Who gets to decide, where are the rules?  Suddenly you want rules after all, suddenly you see the value of rules!  And what’s everyone else doing then?  What does theirs look like, and how does yours compare?  And more importantly, will it work...?!

Fortunately for us, being professional CV writers for over 10 years brings the advantage of experience, and specifically in this case, of seeing what other people’s CVs look like.  Now admittedly I can hear you say, ‘Yes but surely you’re only going to get to see the ones from clients whose own versions aren’t working?’, and yes while that’s true to an extent, often clients’ own versions are still really good; they contain lots of great information, it’s perhaps just not presented as effectively as it could be or the whole layout and style is a bit dated, or it's become overly long and they just need help deciding what to lose - and like any adolescent, it can be painful making important decisions by yourself; in this case, for those long past adolescence, you still clearly remember and are rightly proud of the things you did at the beginning of your career/back at uni/school, we get it!

But the key point here is that the originals we receive all differ vastly and crucially over the past 10 years, frankly have also - in the main - got better and better!  Of course nowadays, with the help of Google images, Pinterest and even those helpful souls on LinkedIn who include a jpg of their CV on their profile, anyone can look at what other people’s CVs look like too but sometimes as we all know – too much choice is paralysing.  And anyway, how have they formatted that?!  

Whether we’re creating a client’s first CV or updating one we prepared previously, since it’s our business to maintain currency of changing CV styles and trends, we’re continually researching and refining and adapting our approach to remain contemporary.  While the market research and innate ingenuity required to constantly reinvent is therefore painful on an individual scale, as a team of professional writers it’s not only part of our job but its consequent value is intrinsically magnified by being able to apply it repeatedly in servicing multiple clients, and thus it is far less painful for us to refine and reinvent our CV style and approach than it is for an individual to invent or refresh only their own. It's our job.