Abdul Waheed Khurram in gifts, parenting, Adidas kids Aug 28, 2019 · 2 min read · ~100

9 gifts for your creative child you can't afford to miss

When Christmas or the birthday of our kid comes, we begin to make lists of gifts to give to children and adults. But sometimes the gift ideas are over, children are not clear, and we are adults who are looking for a gift that we believe will fit with children.

9 gifts for your creative child you can't afford to miss

That's how I find myself, right now my children don't ask for anything in particular, and therefore I have to think about gifts that I think will take advantage of them. I also have to think about gifts for nephews and little friends, which with the beginning of the school year.

So, I am going to leave you a list of gifts that I think are always a success, because they are used for several years, or because they can be added to previous collections at home.

1: Lego packs

When children are younger, they usually like LEGO packs a lot. If they did not have LEGO at home, great, because with a box they can already display their creativity, and if on the contrary they already had, nothing happens, because it serves to expand the collection and get more out of it.

2: Playmobil

As with LEGO, giving away something from Playmobil is also usually a success. These can be small packs for birthday-type commitments, to large packs for occasions like Christmas. My children love the Playmobil, they have been giving them mini packs in their birthday and together with some Playmobil that survives from our childhood, they already have a nice collection to play.

3: Kitchens

Although giving away a kitchenette may be priced for a birthday, it is an always successful gift. For Christmas, it is ideal because of it is super flashy to give a kitchenette and on birthdays it can be expanded with accessories, cash register, shopping cart, fruits to cut ...

4: Photo camera

I already told you in the list of possible gifts for 5-year-old children, I liked the photo camera, and I still think that at some the point we will give it to one or both of them (that's why they have envy and cost to share). It is a very nice gift for Christmas or for a birthday if you usually, make gifts together with several families.

5: Polly Pocket Boxes

This gift will fall this Christmas yes or yes. They were my favorite little toys, I still have them and my children play with them when they see them (and I always try to keep them), so I think they will love a Polly pocket box.

6: Vehicles

There are boys and girls who are fascinated by vehicles: cars, motorcycles, trucks, tractors ... and it is also wise to give them such a gift. From car to tracks, garages ... there is a lot of variety. Also, then you can expand the collection with loose cars that sell.

7: Gifts related to toys or drawings

If you do not know what toy to give, but you know that the boy or girl is a fan of a cartoon or toy, you can always go to plan B, and make a gift of “something” whose pattern is those drawings that child likes so much.

8: Musical instruments

I add this category because sometimes parents resist buying toys that "make noise", but then children love them, like a drum, a guitar or keyboards for kids.

9: Table games

As they grow and especially if you like parents, giving away board games is great to play with children. It helps them to concentrate, learn rules, shifts, and it's fun. It is more fun if they are cooperative board games so that there are no sufferings from losing the game.