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How to Prevent Electric Shocks at Work

Electric shocks are not only dangerous for the domestic or the people living in houses. Shocks can take a life of any worker working on an electrical site. So, in this post, I am going to give some tips to avoid any danger or loss. Let's dive in.

How to Prevent Electric Shocks at Work

1: Turn Off the Electricity Source

Each time you perform an activity that involves exposure to electrical equipment or electricity, verify that the current is disconnected before you start your work.

We repeat: there must be a main electrical panel for the whole installation, so look it up and put the switch in the off position.

2: Use protective equipment

Rubber-soled shoes and insulating gloves will provide a barrier against electricity. Placing a rubber mat on the floor is another effective precaution, as this material does not conduct electricity and will help you avoid discharges.

3: Be careful when handling electric tools

Make sure all the tools you use to have three pins and check all the equipment to see if they are damaged. It is also important that you turn off power tools before connecting them to electricity. Also, always keep them away from the water every time you use them, clear the entire work area of flammable gases, vapors, and solvents.

4: Request the help of another person

When working with electricity, it is always sensible to have a second person to help. This can be responsible for verifying that you have followed all the necessary precautionary measures. Also, if something goes wrong and you get an electric shock, you can immediately get the help you need.

Make sure you have good communication with this person. Many accidents related to electricity occur due to lack of communication. You need to trust this person when he tells you that the electricity is disconnected. Even if you fully trust it, it is probably advisable to verify and ensure on your own that the electricity is effectively disconnected. When it comes to electricity, never assume anything.

5: In cases of large-scale work, contact a professional

Working with electricity is always dangerous and complicated. If you do not fully trust your skills, contact a trusted electrician for electrical safety inspection to get the job done.