Types of Travelers You Don’t Want To Travel With

Going on a trip with your friends has become the most impossible thing to happen after Leonardo won Oscar. It is really hard to get on board all those lazy and excuse-making human machines for a trip. Do you know what’s more annoying than convincing them? Asking the wrong person to come along with you for outing. We have listed a few types of people who make you even regret deciding on going out with them. They might have agreed to accompany you for your journey but their weird and annoying habits make it next to impossible to travel with.


Types of Travelers You Don’t Want To Travel With

I can’t even understand why these people even agree upon traveling. I mean you packed your dead-heavy luggage, took off from your work, PAID for that trip. What are all these efforts about, just to sleep while traveling? They are the type of traveler who sleeps for all the time you thought of enjoying while driving to your destination. You will be constantly asked to keep the music low while they are sleeping and somehow if you still manage to keep your cool, they start snoring! They are like Pheobe Buffay who slept for five and a half hours when Joey took her on a 6-hour long road trip to Las Vegas. In that case, we suggest keeping some coffee bags with you if it helps to keep that sleeping beauty awake.

Mood Spoiler

Well whether it’s a road trip or life, a mood spoiler is always there to ruin it. On a trip when you are all so excited to enjoy and relax, out of nowhere someone will start feeling nauseous and will puke right on your shoes or will have Loo-emergency every now and then. That’s the kind of traveler I’m talking about here. You are going to miss all the good and exciting part of your trip because of them and will not be even in the frames of other people’s pictures. I don’t know how your trip experience would be with them but you will be a certified expert in handling a sick child on a trip.

Delicate Darlings

‘Oh, how tacky!’ is the legit tagline for these kinds of travelers. One can never arrange a thing that can ever match the standard of cleanliness and perfection they live with. They are the ones who will make you wait outside their place for like an hour and act as if they have done it for your good-sake. All the time you have to be like babysit them and make sure everything pleases them. Never ever dare to get done with their tantrums as they will be like one annoying and nagging child on the trip.

TMI (Too Much Information)

You know that uncle, who always shows up first in a family function, sticks till the end and his only contribution to that gathering is telling others about all the useless things he has ever cooked up in his head till the listener faints away. Yeah right! That’s him, Mr. Too Much Information. I just want to ask one question to these people; did you have Sheldon Cooper for breakfast? They have all well-versed details about the place you are going to and will make sure you know about it too. As a part of the suggestion, I will say never dare to cross-question them about anything. I repeat, NEVER.

Social Media Influencer

This newly generated way of employment (as they say so) is honestly a curse on human life than it ever was. I mean why is it so important to yell on social media that you are ‘feeling happy with 45 others”? Social Media has given this generation a way to satisfy their low self-esteem by posting ‘Mountains calling’ on their walls. And to travel with a social media influencer is way too difficult than you can ever imagine. You constantly have to click some aesthetic pictures for their ‘gram and make them feel like they are seriously doing some good stuff by posting it all. Your travel journey with them will look more exciting in that virtual frame than it actually will be.

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