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How To Optimize Your Customer Acquisition Funnel The Right Way

How To Optimize Your Customer Acquisition Funnel The Right Way

By Michael Akinlaby | October 3, 2016

Your customer acquisition funnel is a process/place where you turn prospects into customers.

Is it optimized?

A lot of prospects might be leaving somewhere in your acquisition funnel.

You need to find that leakage.

You need to optimize that funnel to ensure that you’re getting the most out of it.

Don’t say you’re a small startup so you don’t need to optimize your acquisition funnel.

Large companies too have leakage/blockage points in their customer acquisition funnel.

When this is fixed, it often translates into huge boosts for their growth and revenue.

Even Facebook wants growth.

The company is adding 150 million users year on year for the past four years at least.

If you have a high number of visitors coming to your website, and only a very few are converting into customers, it shows that your customer acquisition funnel isn’t optimized.

It’s time to remove those leakage points in your funnel and increase your conversion rate.

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How To Know Where You’re Losing Customers In Your Acquisition Funnel

By now, I’m sure your startup has a few customers.

But you want more. More customers.

The first step is to identify the blockage points in your customer acquisition funnel.

To do that, ask yourself this question:

What’s currently stoppin