90 Degrees Error https://goo.gl/M9i3pL in your Baby's Horoscope

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How did some people short the subprime while predicting market crash imminent? They looked.


How dangerously stupid can it possibly get? While your newborn baby is being assigned “Gemini ascendant”, said Gemini is seen at north with naked eyes. You just signed up for a 90 degrees error in your baby's horoscope out of sheer traditional conformism with evil pack adamant. Now imagine entrusting your baby's life to butchering medical astrologer?


Note that we peruse Astrology uppercase, meaning real sky as opposed to any e.g. 12 ascendants - sun signs superstition, which can of course determine absolutely nothing.


The character (also known as default mind) of delusional people who like to call themselves “astrologers” is such that they will refuse to believe there is a sky at all, which would help them to gather at least their own natal Sun-sign before they die unpredicted: they in fact go to their own graves babbling of ascendants and planets that were never there or anywhere at all. Afterwards they are of course dearly revered as great astrologers who could not predict noon or full Moon or as a matter of fact their own funeral; but they knew so well to utter what people wanted most: absolutely nothing at all: good news.


Eris zero altitude western in Cetus NYC. Moon Xi 1 Orionis (Moon in Orion) – the exact natal position of a known terrorist. See? Things such as 9-11 can be easily prevented but that is not at all what people really want!


Hayagriva is logically opposed by prevailing superstition. After all, it has been 5000 years since Gemini never rose as eastern ascendant: by now the “error” (a generous rendering of “adamant stupidity apex asinine”. One precession cycle may bring forth but one Astrologer magus that establishes zodiacs and ascendant sets plus house system proper: surely neither Enoch nor Nechepso or even Petosiris qualify; though there were glorious attempts such as in larger China; even Egypt. This one has triune ascendant (Fox, Unicorn, Watersnake or Canis Minor, Monoceros and Hydra, if you want: see also on the “man” with three ascendants on the site). Hayagrivnantadevasankarsanasesanaga uvaca.