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Why do it? -- Told it takes a violist

Why do it? -- Told it takes a violist

Why would anyone give themselves tons of self-imposed work?

  • Here's the story!

When Middle School orchestra director, Julian came to see Adam at his teaching studio in Georgia, the Quest project was born. Julian came for string teaching guidance, although an experienced saxophone and flute player and a seasoned music educator for a lifetime, Julian wanted to give his kids more!

What began as extensive outlines investigating each and every string playing technique, along with guiding Julian's classes, the Quest has grown into something much greater than ever imagined. It is true that Adam had always said that one day he would honor the requests made by colleagues, students and parents, and write a string teacher’s guide and put his method in writing. But, why? (click here to read post -- Education needs your help)

Adam, has lived a life in the classical music world for more than three decades, as a performer, professor, conductor, composer, lecturer, consultant, and music educator of students age 3 – 93+ (yes, really), and has been listening!

  • Listening to what?

Adam has been focusing his attention to listening more keenly to what his students and their families have been saying — How classical music was a dying art that is suffering greatly, downsized to the point of non-existence in main stream education.

Refusing to accept this, he began to think, and -- create.

Consensus is -- many people have forgotten that learning music elevates all learning, and in turn, society is improved. Music serves as a dynamic vehicle which increases communication, develops human compassion, fosters multi-generational cooperation and infuses confidence in all learning.

StringQuest brings new life to the enjoyment of exploring timeless knowledge and expanding it! Materials are presented in a game-structured joyous way by a cast of music expert characters.

  • Great Learning = Fun Discovery!

Over a dozen charismatic and knowledgeable musical characters serve as the teaching team. These friendly Concept-Characters present all material in creative ways that motivate and challenge everyone to challenge themselves to reach mastery.

In his heart, the author knew that something powerful was needed in order to keep music alive and has spent multiple thousands of hours over many years on the project, first a teaching guid