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The Most Efficient Way To Be Inefficient

The Most Efficient Way To Be Inefficient

The most efficient way to be inefficient as a nation is to start by asking the wrong questions, and then spend years...decades...even centuries trying to answer them.

If we settle for a steady diet of half truth and never go back to "question our questions," we will have no means whatsoever of determining which of our sacred values help us and which of them are harming us.

Answers are merely the stopping points in the journey. They are a momentary rest or pause, yet we spend so much time trying to find them. The questions we ask are what truly define the journey itself. They are what shape our values, define what we think is normal, give architecture to what we believe is perfect, and form our image of success.

Don't forget to question the questions sometimes. Don't forget to go back and check our assumptions. If we fail to do this, we undermine our own desire to be authentic and we will lose the respect from other nations that will always do more to protect our borders than any military operation.

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