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Could someone please explain what branding is?

Could someone please explain what branding is?


 I’ve decided not to brand myself. It’s just not worth it. You might be reading this thinking: What a lazy bum. Sorry, just not going to do it. I think branding is long lasting and dangerous. Yes, we do it to farm animals but that doesn’t make it ok for people.

 You may argue that branding isn’t forever but tell that to Sonja who got branded because of her “love life” in my hometown. She had to move. Besides, how would I brand myself anyway? And what kind of brand am I going to use?

 When I lived in Kentucky we used to brand pigs because you couldn’t tell them apart. If you couldn’t tell whose pigs were whose, it could lead to an altercation. Kind of like the article I’m reading that says if I don’t brand myself then I can’t get a job.

 The article says that I’ll be the same color jelly bean in a big jar of jelly beans. That sucks. How am I going to stand out from the other jelly beans? You may say this is a typical slacker response but screw them, I’m not the same as those other jelly beans anyway.

 Branding can really backfire. Ask that guy who passed away that played Spock. Back in the 70’s he wrote a book called “I am not Spock” and then twenty years later he wrote one called: “I am Spock.” What if I’m not even talking about branding right now? Was Spock trying to rebrand? …Man this is confusing.

 What was Snoop Dogg trying to do? Remember when he tried to become Snoop Lion. He told Larry King that he was the reincarnation of Bob Marley. This is why I think it’s a bad idea. Nobody’s ready to reincarnate….not even Snoop Dogg.

 I hope this doesn’t turn out to be one of those “buzz” words like authenticity. I knew that one was bunk when people got preachy about it…telling me I have to be authentic. At least with branding they say you have to become a brand before you can market yourself.

 Oh no, it is a preachy argument! Well I hope I have the authenticity to be disruptive in this article so I can be emotionally intelligent, otherwise I won’t be able to offer "the big picture." I mean, how are people going to be “in the know” if no one is there to level-set their perspective.

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You are too cool to brand. Can i have your

Mohammed Sultan Jan 31, 2017 · #9

Branding can energize your career strategy.Everyone should stick to the idea of branding themselves.Branding doesn't mean presenting a story about your past core skills or your core interests ,but instead positioning the output of them and sticking them in the employer's mind.Unlike presenting in which you tell your story from your own point of view ,positioning means telling your story from the employer's point of view.Show the synergy that might exist between your career objectives and the employer's objectives.Given that every employer has a different need ,your positioning statement should also differ according to the wider span of your core interests and not restricted to the narrower span of your past core skills.

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Devesh 🐝 Bhatt Jan 31, 2017 · #8

It's a word, you put it to good use in an article. Some put it to good use in marketing.

I see it like learning a foreign language, the branding culture. Network with the smart ones, be entertained by the idiots (with due respect :) ). Everything is a great story.

You are straightforward... That's your Brand.
I don't see it as Branding myself, I see it as Branding the audience with my impression :) I can't help it if they feel like a pig. It's better they enjoy the show.

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Chad Carroll Jan 30, 2017 · #7

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Mohammed Sultan Jan 30, 2017 · #4

Branding is the way by which you empower your name and stick it in the employers mind.Exactly the same as when creating a new innovation ,you pack your core skills, core interests,thoughts,feeling and passion in a package labeled with your name on it.Then,you have to communicate and deliver it to your target employers.The ability to have fit and balance between this mix and employers need will to a great extent determine the value-added to your personal brand and to them.Give your personal brand a name as sweet as a rose and make sure that any other name won't smell as sweet as yours.The name to your personal brand is as important as the brand name to a perfume.

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Kevin Baker Jan 30, 2017 · #3

Love this, first impressions never go away. Personal branding starts out with your in control of your personal brand, then it morphs into your brand is what others say about you when your not present. This is weak manipulating management. Your brand is not a candle in the wind to political dilution. Your brand is how you feel about your self and how you treat others.

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Harvey Lloyd Jan 30, 2017 · #2

Ok @Adam Weedy this is the art of personal branding. First you get an online profile going of all your accomplishments. Sounds easy but it's tricky. You have to be a little arrogant with some humility. Once your set you create your Pokemon like cards. They are called posts. You get assigned a value to your card by the number of thumbs-up and extra points for comments. Once you have these numbers you print up your cards and go for a job interview.

If you have all the right cards during the interview you can win the human resource pokemon challenge and get the job.

I may have left off some other challenges but you get the general idea.

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