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I don't care about your politics

I don't care about your politics

 I don’t care about political opinions. I really don’t. In fact, if you stop reading this article right now because it touches on the topic of politics then I understand. Shit, I admire you. I see political opinions everywhere. They’re on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it.

 And boy are they tiresome! Do you know why I don’t care about political opinions? Because they’re obnoxious. I don’t care if you’re right, left or in the middle. I don’t care if you like one candidate over the other….I just don’t care.

 I also don’t care because I have never seen someone utter a political opinion that changed my mind. I haven’t even read one that made me re-think my position. As soon as I see anything about someone’s opinion I stop reading.

 Sometimes I unfollow the person if they are persistent with their opinion. I won’t lie. I just unfollow them. Even if they are people I like; I figure that I’ll see them in person to ‘catch up’ when the moment comes along. And, in person, I know they won’t even mention politics.

 Occasionally I am amused by the author of his/her opinion when I get the sense that they’re proud to utter it. You see little tag lines like: “You can unfollow me for saying this but I don’t care.” Oh, my goodness, the bravery.

 I also see people fling their opinions and there’s this undercurrent of sadness. You can tell they wish the world was different. I also laugh at these people. I know it doesn’t sound nice that I laugh at them but I don’t care.

 You might wonder why I mock them and I will tell you: Because when they fling their opinion with anger, or sadness, there is often an intellectual “high and mighty” quality to it. As if they alone carry the intellectual weight of the world and it’s finally gotten so heavy that they must unburden it on the rest of us. Ha ha!

 Another reason I laugh is because they’re so blind. You could probably laugh at them in person and they wouldn’t know it; this is because their political utterings are self-serving. They don’t care if I change my mind. I’ve never seen them change anyone else’s mind either; it’s not what airing your political opinion is about…

 So if you’re reading this article and you’d like to leave your opinions in the comments section, please keep in mind that I will be reading, and I will be laughing: At you!

Donnie Maynard Christianson Jan 24, 2017 · #16

Those kinds of posts are exactly the reason I abandoned Facebook - everyone is so blind with rage over politics and world affairs they can't see anything else. Whenever I would post about my latest work or being in the studio, etc, I would often get crucified for "not being sensitive" to what was going on in the world. Yes, there ARE terrible things happening, but if I were to post and comment on all of it, every day, not only would it be a full-time job, I'd probably end up depressed and miserable. I like to focus on the good in life.

I saw creative people - filmmakers, actors, musicians, artists - get so caught up in the frenzy and lose themselves; for years the only thing they posted about was politics or the latest "news".

What happened to the films they were making, the songs they were recording? Where were their vacation photos from that paradise island we all want to live on?


Eventually I just dropped off. I still have my account, if only to keep my business pages, hoping it will turn around.

I'm OK with someone posting their political opinion, but when that's ALL they post, and it's always full of hate, I'm done. I really hope beBee doesn't turn into ONLY a political forum.

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Michael Gorman Jan 24, 2017 · #15

Too often it is means to divide people and generate bad feelings. Why not look beyond politics and lets get on with the complicated business of living!

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Brian McKenzie Jan 24, 2017 · #14

Politics and Grumbling - of course they were made for each other

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Brian McKenzie Jan 24, 2017 · #13

I don't care for politics ~ and the lawyers, politicians, and bureaucrats that make up their entities either ..... until they start to meddle in my life. It is nearly impossible to change the mind of a bleating herd - which is why I left the STATES. I would rather be in control of my own life - without the stain and influence of group think and authoritarian despotic socialism in my life.
The pendulum has swung from Left to Right - but it remains to be seen if the Government is going to retreat out of the average daily life. I never care what a politician says in public or press conferences - and instead rely solely on what they do with legislation and executive orders outside of the bright light of media attention.
I would come back to America to completely destroy, redact and erase the ObamaCare legislation - burn it to the ground; and then leave back overseas again.
After being out of the US for the last 4 years ( and 9 overseas deployments with the military) - I really don't feel any connection to one patch of dirt over another - so I might as well see as many of them as I can before the shit show ends.

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Devesh 🐝 Bhatt Jan 24, 2017 · #12

Have a laugh :)

People are more politically inclined towards ideologies and individuals than their own interest.

Here in India there is an ordinance and a movement for a bull taming sport and not law and order, or power water rights, etc etc

One rape in the city and people get to the streets, a 1000 in villages everyday and no one cares.

People are interested in Trump vs Hillary in a far of country and not the economic policy if our country which will screw the entire population.

Social media has visibility, loads of bullshiters, eventually the rot will spread to where I live whether I say something or not.

But I will have a say, the 1 or 2 who agree give me work.
Work gives money.

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Dean Owen Jan 24, 2017 · #11

Ordinarily I'd agree with you, but these are extraordinary times. It is important to spread the truth. Opinions, well everybody has them, but we are also tools to disseminate information and we are voices that are needed to hold people in high office accountable for actions that impact our lives. But then who am I to say anything. I like CNN.

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Adam Weedy Jan 24, 2017 · #10

#9 Great point!

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Aurorasa Sima Jan 24, 2017 · #9

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