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I don't care about your politics. Part II.

I don't care about your politics. Part II.

 Man, there are more political opinions. For some reason they aren’t going away. I remember in previous elections things would calm down a little. People would be like: “Ah well, my guy didn’t win or my guy won” and that would be it.

 Not so with this election and boy am I tired of it. You would think that one side would be worse than the other but both sides are using platforms, other than facebook, to spread the news. The conservatives are gloating and the liberals are pissed off…and you know what I have to say? Who cares.

 That’s right. I just don’t care. Like a buddy of mine at work said: Have you ever had the outcome of an election affect your everyday life?

 Let me tell you a little about me: I live in Austin, Texas which they call a “blue dot in a red sea” and the atmosphere here is pretty charged. It should be after all…it’s the capital. I also frequent a little bar by the capitol where people come to speak their mind and it’s pretty one-sided.

 When I’m sitting there drinking my beer I don’t get mad or upset. I usually nod my head in agreement, whether or not I agree. I do this because I don’t care. The bartender is an elderly woman and after the election is over she’s like me; she doesn’t care either.

 Let me explain what I mean by “not caring.” I’m not saying that I don’t care about politics. Politics are important. What I’m saying is that I don’t care about your opinion.

 That’s right! I have no desire to hear your opinion about politics. My ambivalence is higher on this topic than it is for vanilla wafers. You know why? Because every now and then I might try a vanilla wafer. Wanna guess why I don’t care about your opinion?

 Because you are not going to change my mind, and you know what I’ve figured out? People who are spouting their opinion could care less about changing minds. That’s right! They don’t care either. They want to talk to other people who feel like they do because they find it comforting.

 And it irritates me. It’s kind of like that aunt who would talk in the car when you were coming home from the mall. She would just talk and talk while you looked out the window. To this day I can’t remember what she was talking about.

Brian McKenzie Feb 1, 2017 · #2

Left wing / Right wing - it's the same f*cking bird.

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Pro Human Feb 1, 2017 · #1

Agree and disagree with your post. Not that you care. But feel it is very important for people to speak about politics. People should be heard. They have a stake in this country. Many with children. The children are the future. It's a good trait to have "listening' qualities and offer up your own opinion. Many times it is a great thing to hear another's point of view. I don't believe people are trying to "change" another persons mind. They're just listening and I believe they will take something from a very healthy conversation. To each his own, definitely. Have a blessed day.

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