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Which Management Style Works Best for You?

Which Management Style Works Best for You?

When you lead others or a business, you need to think about the management style that you use. This means that you try to take a certain approach to get others to trust you, work with you and become a team. Some management styles work better than others, so see which of these three ones will work for you.

Goal Driven

This person focuses on the end goal and getting the team there. They work to help their team members stay on track while helping them to overcome problems. They help their team members to see the goal and to work towards it.

This management style works well for leaders that have a good relationship with their team, but their team tends to get distracted. You can use this style to help them stay on track and to get the job done as efficiently as possible.


When you're empathetic, you focus more on the people than the job. An empathetic leader makes sure that their team members feel good so that they can perform well. They want others to feel happy and to maintain morale in the workplace.

Empathetic leaders go well with teams that struggle with self-esteem or if they get upset. An empathetic leader can help them to refocus on what they need to do while also ensuring the person that someone understands their perspective.

Team Player

Team players do their best to work alongside their team members whenever possible. A manager that takes the team player approach ensures team members that they are all equal and that they will do the work.

Team players work as a management style for teams that don't focus or center on authority. Team players show the team that they want to succeed, but they aren't above doing the grunt work that the other team members do.


Leaders should always try to do what's best to help their team or business to succeed. Whether you want to focus on goals, others or working together, you can find a management style that will work within your business. Do some research and see which management style will allow you to become an effective leader.

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