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Eat Healthy Food to Get Glowing Skin

Naturally glowing skin is not something that you can achieve by smoothening out a thick cream of moisturizer alone.  One of the most important factors that influence your skin health is the food that you eat.

Eat Healthy Food to Get Glowing Skin

  • Food habits of women who have a glowing complexion

It’s easy to forget how good nutrition can be healthy for your skin.  By adhering to these 11 food habits, get yourself naturally glowing skin:

1.  Eat your leafy greens.  

Certainly one of the best, if not the best food on your get glowing diet are leafy greens.  These foods contain the broadest variety of antioxidants that you can get from food.  In addition, the high nutrient and fiber content combined with the simultaneously low caloric content replenish your inner nutrients without risking any metabolic side effects that can trigger the development of lifelong diseases like hypertension, organ failure and heart disease.

2.  Get more of your fluids from fresh fruits and veggies.  

Eat them fresh or juice them up. There is a marked advantage that render fruit and veggie juices helpful in providing your body with more of the nutrients you need in one big gulp. Juicing your fresh produce satisfy your tastebuds more than just quenching on water. It has also been shown that water in fresh fruits and veggies are better absorbed by your body.

3. Maintain a healthy digestion.  

Aside from eating loads of fiber daily, you may also promote good digestive health by drinking on lactobacillus drinks and snacking on yogurt. Be extra careful when picking up these products because, often, the benefits may be offset by high sugar levels.

4. Mind how your meals are prepared.  

Fatty fish, like tuna and salmon may indeed be the best food that help soothe your skin of irritation but, when you fry it, the frying changes the game. Choose healthier cooking options to serve up your meals.  Boiling and steaming are the best cooking methods when following healthy meals because these allow excess fats to drip without burning your food.  Grilling becomes a good choice only when you steam with it, such as when covering fish with a foil wrap. Grilling leaves certain parts of your food burned which can be carcinogenic.

5.  Diversity is key.  

Forget the exclusive fad diets that make you drop one or another food group such as carbohydrates or sugars.  Your body needs all these nutrients too.  Be picky about the food you eat but, never sacrifice your inner nutrients by depriving yourself of any nutrition source.

6. Keep to your portions.  

A great way to stay within your caloric limitations is to get yourself a plate that has several partitions on it, each compartment reflecting how much of each food group you should be getting every meal, more or less.  For instance, your meat and carbs that you should eat must only be the size of your fist.

7.  Always start with the fresh food in your plate.  

Don’t skip your salads and fresh fruits.  These foods are made with simple sugars that can be easily digested by the body.  These help gradually condition your body to receive more complex carbs from your meal.  Blended veggies and fruits make fresh juices helpful in this process. Starting your meal with carbs will cause your blood sugar to spike and your skin to break.

8.  Eat several meals.  

Refrain from eating huge meals to keep your sugar within normal levels.  Instead, break your meals into smaller ones.  Eat once early morning.  Take a mid-morning snack, then lunch, then afternoon snack, and lastly, dinner.

9. Choose healthy and nutritious snacks.  

Keep a jar of assorted nuts and dehydrated fruits and vegetables.  Always keep a pouch of both in your purse —for when you need a companion in rush hour traffic, you can always reach for these munchkins.

10.  Cut back on your coffee.  

Choose decaf whenever you need to feel a power surge in the morning.  If you can, switch to tea. It will be better for you.  Black tea and green tea contain the highest levels of antioxidants that you can derive from your drink.

11.  Cut back on salt.  

Season with just a pinch.  Avoid the sauces which often have high sodium content.  You can also choose from a huge selection of herbs and spices to liven up your meals.

12.  Incorporate red wine in your diet.

At the end of a busy day, pour some red wine into a glass.  This habit will not only add the anti-aging component of red wine, resveratrol, but also get you to crash into sleep.  If you cannot tolerate alcohol, get yourself the non-alcoholic red wine brands.


Feed your body right and glowing skin is sure to follow suit.  A big burp to that!