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Epidemics and Politics

Epidemics and Politics

Epidemics and Plotics,

By: Adel Alshiekh

Since long time from ancient, the cheap seat of authority and rulers being sequential cntrolled by various sectors and denominations with vary barbed oreintations. Whenever precise agenda quit out of the judgement, another rule appear and display new philosophy lines “like now a days a lot of actress” which is barbed with actual stand up and more worse than previous ones. This is lead to more difficulties and complaint, because when they have hold up the chair of authority they will not apply the previous principals or ideas nor comply with applied articles. This is result in successive rulers came sequencely to power. Along with that, the more list goes wrong, the come list prevalling proceed with more worse application policies core stand alone in accordance to their new imposed policy.

Sudan in the year 1989 the racism, descrimination, one shoulder prevalling the country judge by tyrant leadership. As result of that: corruption, injustice, murders, poverty was covered big slide of the people spread to involve millions that become in status of homeless and vagabonds.

All of this has made the people strike up and raise against the authority power quick and quit out the president. This is the reality of politics in the world, but its affectionate and evidents is vary fall in line according to circumstances and events. This is to include mass shape of plotics application, e.g: Dictatorial, Democracy, Islamic, liberal, Communist…etc.

All of these is possible in the reality of country’s borders plotical accidents but, if the issue relates to global epidemic and disasters which is goes beyond the borders of x-country, therefore the matter assumed to be view as entirely prospect of humanity vission. If we are compare what is up in the major countries as a result of expand epidemic covid19. Of that, we can discover style of hidden plotics policy that is not far from which has applies by the tyrants in the TCN countires. For example: advanced countries does not setout the truth about the real numbers infected with covid19 virus, other than show on the T.V publication and declaring that they have made tremendous efforts to limit the epidemic. Their talks and declaration mix by false and contaray to the actual accidents. Abstraction of such events we can observe that, the advanced countries which consider as humunity protectors’ negate during the critical session of epidemic the policies of injustice that compolsory obligie on the TCN countries and mean time busy with calmness down their people which revealed their lies towards real numbers and people infected with the virus. Can we ask ourselves in case of epidemic continous and contamain exploring worldwide, is those peoples living in the advanced countries, are they can turn against their leaders for new culture and real estate of humanity worldwide.

#2 Agreed--but I always take into account whether or not English is the speaker's/writer's first language. I use Grammarly all the time--there is no shame in it. But be careful--Grammarly is not always correct.

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Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris Mar 27, 2020 · #2

Indeed. I like the play on words with politics / plotics. After all, it often feels like people plotting instead of politicizing. BTW, I'd recommend using Grammarly or some other text editing tool. It can greatly improve the readability of your article. Cheers!

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Agreed. Perhaps this helps sum it up:

Fear completes the destruction of compassion and empathy. We now view each other as a virus against which we must be "inoculated."

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