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Long Distance Relationship makes an Excellent Communicator

Long Distance Relationship makes an Excellent Communicator

Hello World,

First of all I don’t know how you all do it because a Long Distance Relationship (LDR – almost sounds like bad cholesterol LDL) is definitely not for me and I don’t recommend it to anyone else. But the people who have had success they know exactly what it means when I say you are great communicators! A long distance relationship will bring many hurdles and obstacles along the way. You will be missing key experiences and to compensate these obstacles you have to learn to be an excellent communicator.


I Know I key in fear of uncertainty a lot but not knowing what the future of the relationship is a major one in LDR. It’s hard getting to know a person in your own city, imagine someone living across the sea. So how do we solve this? No don’t write up a contract and make them PDF sign the document. Have a conversation about it. Be open! Let them know your expectations and find out where they want their life to be in the future. You should know if you want the same end goal.

Frames of Relationship A-H-M

  • Frame A Relationship – This means you are clingy! If your partner leaves you even through involuntary separation (health problems) then you would break. In a Frame A relationship, the partners define their identity through the relationship.
  • Frame H Relationship – This means you are in an open relationship! In this relationship the partners have separate bank accounts, locked rooms, hidden passwords and secrets. They can stand independently on their grounds and they don’t really need the other partner.
  • Frame M Relationship – The ideal balanced frame. You are both independent but you rather work together to create the balance.

Unfortunately, in most Long distance relationships you are in a Frame A or Frame H relationship. Let’s see how we can stay away from this trap!

Transparency / Infidelity

Good news, research show, the idea of people cheating more when in a long distance relationship is completely false. However, it doesn’t take away the fact of a Frame H relationship, which means more secrets can be kept from the partner. Transparency and clarity is very important in a long distance relationship. Try to keep the communic