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Rejection doesn’t have to be Negative

Rejection doesn’t have to be Negative

Hello World,

Rejection sucks! Be it breakup, a position you didn’t get or your body rejecting you with a fatal illness! The point is they all feel terrible. We need a rejection therapy and I am here to support you with the cold sore feelings of rejection. Have you ever sat down and thought why rejection always incite the negative? When rejected you are always taking personal unkind shots at yourself –unhealthy! In most cases the feelings are anger, anxiety, depression, fear, frustration, humiliation, worthlessness, and all the other negative emotions you can think of. Now our job is to regulate these emotions and not let it take over! Changing the way you look at the word “rejection” plays a huge part!

Don’t take it personal

Yeah man, don’t take it personal! Rejection always has two sides, the rejecter and the rejected. The rejecter can have many reasons to why they are not considering you and no, it’s not because you are useless! Take a fatal illness like cancer for instance, I am sure you wouldn’t choose your body to store and create cancer cells. A job interviewer may choose to move on by marginal difference of skillset they find on another candidates resume. A girl/boy may choose not to be with you because they want different things in life than you. A child may be given to an Adoption service right after birth and it may be since the parents are struggling financially. None of these examples should make the rejected feel less.

Give it your best and let go!

If you think about all the examples, the person rejecting always has the upper hand of making the choice. They can choose if they see you fit or not with their circumstance in mind. You, on the other hand, is the one going to them for the decision. Let me clarify that, I said, “decision” not the, “final verdict”. Sure, it’s great to be selected for what you wished for but that’s not the reality of life and doesn’t always pan out that way. I think that’s a really important key point, life doesn’t always pan out the way we want it. Since we know this what we need to do is give it our best and let go and then repeat! The decision really doesn’t matter! Remember, don’t take it personal! The decision is your chance to improve, it’s actually an opportunity. Everything in life is a learning process. After the decision, you always get to ask why and that’s the best part for self-growth and improvement!

Ask why and get better!

Get Feedback! Make sure you understand why there was a breakup in the relationship and take away what you can do differently next time. Write a follow up interview email and ask for feedback about what was missing. Feedback is what will help you face your next opportunity with a little more confidence.

Get Rejected and be excited for it!

The worst part of facing a rejection is fear of rejection. People actually stop trying after being rejected the first few times! What? No! You are doing it all wrong! You have to train yourself to be immune to rejection. Trust me, all the Founders and CEO’s of all the Fortune 500 companies can attest to me saying that they didn’t get where they are with their first try! You have to keep on trying to land something perfect. Rejection always works itself out. When you are rejected, you are so deep into self-blame that you don’t take into count that it was actually good that you did get rejected. Maybe if you stayed in the relationship it would have become unbearably toxic, or if you accepted that role, the hectic work environment wouldn’t suit you.

Don’t stress about it! Keep at it!



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Nicole Chardenet 18/9/2017 · #2

I got rejected once by a guy I had a thing for...I was disappointed and angry....then found out he had a drinking AND a crack problem!

Bullet dodged!

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Kevin Baker 15/9/2017 · #1

I agree, a rejection can be the best out come that leads you to where you want to be.

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