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Grenoble - Paradise for international business growth

Grenoble - Paradise for international business growth

Grenoble a growing town making mark in international space. Institutes, students, expatriates, open community, welcoming people and many more in the capital of Alps, France has a lot to offer for future growth. 

The picture is an infographic showing briefly the features where the city stands out from other cities in France.

Being living in the city for 2 years, the city is updating in its infrastructure and initiatives. Collaboration with ivy league institutes and world-class colleges in the field of science, business, research; Grenoble is updating its image from not only being the 'Capital of Alps' but also gunning for more futuristic city in France.

As a prime destination of tourism, the city is supporting skiers and other winter sport enthusiasts to enjoy and practice the adventure of Alps with warm, welcoming chalets situated in the 'massives' of Alps.

The city's popularity in students and non-french professionals makes its affect for the rise in the business potential of the city. Grenoble, can not be complete without mentioning the locations of companies like Schneider Electric, DXC Technology, STMicroelectronics, EDF. The companies with their research stream provide support for their business development from the location of Grenoble. 

Educational big names like Grenoble Ecole de Management, University of Grenoble-Alpes and many more are another jewel for the international popularity of Grenoble. Being regarded as one of the top 5 cities with English speakers in France, Grenoble is upfront for its innovative initiatives in Entrepreneurship revolution.