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Know How To Deal With AOL Password Issue

AOL email service has proved its importance when it comes to connect with others for conducting several online based works. But sometimes, people want to protect their AOL email account from the hackers then they need to give attention on the password segment. If they failed to understand any technical word, then they can take help from AOL technical support team. All technical members have sound record in providing high end solutions. Users won’t have to raise question on their efficiencies. Their efforts are unquestionable. During accessing email service users can have different types of problems which need professional attention. Users should delay to solve those problems by their own. AOL technicians always apply latest and different types of methods.

Know How To Deal With AOL Password Issue

What will users do if they have password related issue?

If AOL users failed to access own AOl account due to forgetfulness or hacking activities then they must follow password recovery process. This is discussed below-

ü AOL users need to visit AOL authorised website first.

ü Then, users need to select ‘’forget password? On sign in page.

ü After that, users need to mention their user name or email id on the given space.

ü Then, users are instructed to click on ‘’next’’ option.

ü After that, users need to verify their email account by using alternative email address or phone number or by calling. Though email or sms or calling, users will be notified about a verification code.

ü After that, users need to recreate the password. According to the AOL technicians users need to users need to set password between 8-16 characters and password contain upper and lower case letters. Users need to put numbers in their password and at least one *&£@ .It will make the password unique.

Repetition of previous password is strictly prohibited. Though users will be failed to keep similar password, it will be rejected automatically. AOL technicians also advice the users that they should use the ‘’answer security question method’’. Where users need to give answer of some personal matter like ‘’first school name’’, ‘’friend of high school’’, ’’childhood favourite game’’ or ‘’pet name’’ types.

AOL technicians also suggest the users to maintain the same browser. If they change the browser and it doesn’t support then users will be fail to access own account. Changing on the time zone or location can cause the same problem. So before follow password recovery procedures, users should