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10 Reasons Your Email Campaigns Might be Failing

So you’re trying to put together an email marketing campaign that will appeal to your audience of financial advisors. You’ve written a catchy sounding email and sent it out to all your clients, but you’re not really getting the results you had hoped for. What’s gone wrong?

10 Reasons Your Email Campaigns Might be Failing

10 Reasons Why Your Email Campaigns Might be Failing

    • Excessive Use of Spam Trigger Words

Avoid spam words at all times, in the email subject line and in the content of the email ad itself. This can of course be awkward, because words like ‘free’, ‘cost, ‘commission’ are very useful words and they can convey the message that you might want, but on the other hand, spam filters are looking out for these words, and if you come on too strong, you will be transferred to the spam folder. Instead, think of creative solutions to work around usage of words that you know to be an issue.

Even some words combined in a certain manner or used closely together can be a spam trigger. For example: life insurance. Insurance by itself is fine, life by itself is fine, but excessive use of life insurance can be a trigger, especially when used in the subject line. It’s all about avoiding that filter.

    • Sending from a blacklisted email domain

If your email domain is on a blacklist, it will not make it to its destination. Blacklists are public lists of mail servers that have been sending spam. If your domain has ever been accused of spamming in the past, chances are that is has been blacklisted. There are ways to get your domain taken off of these blacklists, but you’ll need to figure out which blacklist provider blocked your domain, and then they’ll be able to tell you how to be removed from the list.

    • Problems with your email list

Your problems might be with the audience itself. If you have a list of contacts you send out to on a regular basis, watch out for:

      • Sending too often to the same list

If you send too often to the same people, they will feel like you are spamming them. It’s recommended to use the same contact list at most three times a month. Any more, and you’re being too invasive.

      • Not using an updated list

If you send emails to ‘dead’ email addresses, you’re not going to get very far either. You’ll receive bounces and ‘cannot be delivered’ email notifications, and this is definitely...

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