Advisor Recruiting Series: #3 Standing Out

Advisor Recruiting Series: #3 Standing Out

One of the first places to start with any advisor marketing campaign is a discussion about how to make your offer stand out. The best way to do this is to begin with a list of the things your company offers. The focus of this list should be on those things that you feel will be of the most interest to your target audience, such as:

  • New or exclusive products
  • Better service
  • Better compensation or rewards
  • Experience
  • Opportunity for growth
  • Training or support

Make the advisor list as deep as you can and then pick out a few of the best items to make the center of your marketing campaign.  The objective is to make sure your offer stands out. As you’re making your list, keep in mind that advisors are being bombarded with advertising from almost every conceivable angle; as a result, only the best offers will really stand out.

Once your advisor list is complete, compare it to competing offers to see how yours will stack up. To do this, you can look through magazines, direct mail, email and websites to see what the competition is doing to attract advisors. The key to this exercise is to make sure that you really have something unique or different to offer.  Once you’ve built your advisor list and compared it to the competition, it’s time to begin crafting your offer into a message and format that will get attention.

Most advertising (regardless of medium) will lead with a strong headline or power statement with the goal of stopping the advisor in their tracks. How often have you flipped through a pile of direct mail or the pages of a magazine and barely noticed what you were looking at? We’ve all done it; in fact, it’s a daily routine for most of us. We flip through the pile of mail, scan through emails and magazines, and only stop when something grabs our attention. Generally, the two things that tend to stop us are intriguing designs or captivating words and offers.  While an intriguing design is nice, the thing that will ultimately drive...

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