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How to Recruit Insurance Agents

Tips for Recruiting Insurance Agents

How to Recruit Insurance Agents

All insurance agencies need to recruit the top producing insurance agents, but where and how do you find them? Let’s go over a few methods for how to recruit insurance agents.

1.) Start with Good research – what does your target insurance agent look like? Do you know exactly the type of insurance agent you wish to recruit? Where will they be located? What level of production do you need? What licenses do you require? Once you have identified this, you’ll be able to focus your marketing efforts more accurately and recruit the best insurance agents.

2.) License a list of insurance agents or a database – now that you know know what type of insurance agent you want to recruit, it’s time to get a list of insurance agents. A one time download can be obtained for short term marketing solutions, but a database license is a good idea for more consistent insurance agent recruiting. Take a look at the various database providers and weight their strengths and weaknesses before making a buying decision on a list of insurance agents.

3.) Direct Marketing – Now that you have a list of insurance agents, how will you market to them? Consider a turnkey marketing solutions provider who can help you with all marketing channels like email, telemarketing, call center services, etc. Many companies who help with recruitment solutions will offer free advise and consulting to help you in your recruitment efforts. Get in front of more insurance agents by having a strong marketing budget and committing to doing consistent, targeted marketing.

4.) Have a strong offer – You need something unique and appealing to recruit the top insurance agents. It’s important to competitively differentiate yourself from other insurance agencies in the market. Don’t focus on the same standards everybody else does, insurance agents have heard...

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