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5 Essential Bras for Every Woman

5 Essential Bras for Every Woman

We spend so much time perfecting our wardrobes. Looking for clothing that is always with the trends, whether it is bodycon dresses, halter tops, bodysuits, off shoulder blouses or your spaghetti straps. But one thing we cannot manage to stay on trend about is our lingerie.

Women do not have it easy at all, especially when it comes to clothing. Don’t know what bra to wear with your fitted top or a halter dress? What about the perfect bra for formal wear? Undergarments can be tricky and for this reason, a lot of women are still confused.

To make your life simpler, here is a list of 7 bras every woman should have. Once you know your size and style, you can shop for online bras as well. Build your collection, the more the better.

1. The Holy Grail

Yes ofcourse we are talking about everyone’s favourite, the T-shirt Bra. Everyone woman has this style of bra since it is the most basic and the one used most often as well. T-shirt bras are made to make your t-shirts look the best they possibly can. They provide a good amount of coverage and support. For daily use they are ideal.

2. The Sneaky Saviour

For all your tube summer dresses or strapless tops, you would always struggle with the straps being shown. However, if you just invest in a strapless bra, these problems will not arise. The broad wings and side rims help keep the bra in place.

3. The Support System

For the adventurous soul inside you, we have the Sports Bra. Some brands have masters the art of the ideal sports bra. If you choose Jockey bras for example, you will not only get good coverage, exceptional support but also no bounce. Wear a sports bra with your gym attire and get your blood pumping!

4. The Con Artist

If you have a fancy date night or a gala to attend and have a beautiful backless dress to wear, you can’t have your bra clasp showing. For such events, just adorn a backless bra. This has a subtle transparent strap at the back with a clasp on the side. If you have a petite figure, then you can opt for silicon cups. But otherwise, for curvy women backless straps are better.

5. The Elegant Feminine

If you love to layers then bralettes are the ideal bras. Be on trend outside as well as inside. Pair these beautiful lace bralettes with low cut tops to let the lace peak through. They are available in multiple colours.