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Get Over The Holi ‘Bhangover’ Naturally With These Tips

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‘Holi’, the festival of spreading love and colours is here and everyone is into the ‘Holi Fever’. For some, it is the time to colour their friends and make them look like clowns or ghost. While for some, it is just an excuse to slip some Bhang into their systems.

‘Bhang’ had always been one of the key flavours of all the Holi consumables. ‘Bhang Nahi Pi, Toh Holi ka kya maza?’. People across the country prepare many dishes using Bhang such as the Bhang Thandaayi, Bhang Pakodas, Bhang Barfi, etc. These days you even get to see ‘Bhang Ice Cream’ on the list. You might enjoy eating all these delicious items but the excess of it can ruin your Holi fun and sometimes even the next day.

Getting a Bhangover is easy but, how to tackle the side effects of Bhangover? We are here to the rescue; we have few tips that would help you bring yourself back to normal.

Let’s have a look

1) Say NO to coffee or tea

Shocked? Well, the consumption of tea or coffee can make your condition worse. For some of us, mornings are incomplete without tea or coffee but, the excessive caffeine content in these beverages isn’t really going to help after a day full of ‘herbal’ intoxication. So, a big no to tea or coffee.

2) The water therapy

If your body is dehydrating, the Bhang will have a really bad effect on you. So, it is highly recommended that you intake plenty of water while or after having Bhang. Drink as much water as you can and stay hydrated.

3) Lemonade magic

As we all know, lemon water is the best when it comes to any type of hangover or weakness. The high content of Vitamin C in the lemon helps in fighting the the heaviness associated with Bhangover.

4) Go to bed

The over-consumption of bhang is obviously going to put you to sleep. But, sometimes it might happen that your friends won’t allow you to sleep. In such cases, find a noiseless shady room, lock the door, and close your eyes to escape. Adequate amount of sleep will make you feel better.

5) Keep hogging

Consuming Bhang on empty stomach can prove to be disastrous for you. Just keep munching on snacks (Chakna) and  stay away from food with excessive oil in it. Hogging would help in expelling the herbs in right amount of time.

That’s all folks! Now that you these bunch of tips in your hand, the ‘Bhangover’ should not be a problem. Tackle the after effects with these easy tips and also share with your friends who you think are going to be the victim of ‘Bhangover’. Happy Holi!