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Akash Brahmbhatt: Ensuring a Smoother Transition into Assisted Living

Akash Brahmbhatt knows the significant challenges often involved in transitioning a loved one to an assisted living care facility. As the owner of such a facility, Brahmbhatt has seen first hand just how difficult such a move can be, particularly as the senior involved struggles to accept or begin this new phase in their life.

Akash Brahmbhatt: Ensuring a Smoother Transition into Assisted Living

Though such a move can be difficult, there are several things you can do to help make the transition a bit smoother, more positive and more peaceful for your loved one.

Respect Your Loved One’s Independence

While it’s important to provide help and support throughout the process, it’s also crucial to afford your loved one the sense of independence they deserve. Moving to a new life and a new home can be extremely difficult, though it’s essential that you work to provide your senior as much freedom as possible to complete the process in their own way.

Personalize Their New Surroundings

As you move your senior into a new home, be sure to bring along those personal effects and items that matter the most. Pictures, knick-knacks and beloved items help to ease the difficulty of moving and settling into a new environment.

Check In Regularly

Independence is important, though it’s also critical to perform regular check-ins, phone calls and visits. As Akash Brahmbhatt knows, it’s essential to maintain personal contact, and to show your loved ones you care throughout and beyond the transitional process.


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